What does an orange heart chakra mean?

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Robin Runesinger

That you are a caring person, but an imbalance may cause you to be ruled by your emotions

Tonic Black

A little self protection in with your desire to love.

Rachelle Cadence of Shangri La

The Orange Chakra is the second chakra that serves the immune system, sex organs and lower pelvis. The healing effects of this color are: it charges sexual energy, can strengthen the immune system and can increase ambition.

troll to troll

The chakras follow the color chart.
Red is listed first and starts with your backside.
Orange is the groin.
When the heart is orange this is supposed to mean two or three things depending on age and gender.
For a female it may mean that she wishes for a child or worries about dysfunction or there is a great deal of love in the activity of human junction. This may simply mean that a woman loves being a woman – though this occasionally may lead to a dislike of the male gender in general.
This is considered an imbalanced stated and a person should re-balance thoughts and eliminate fears. It is natural for many people to want children though let nature take its course. Dwelling on human pleasures can become an obsession and the need for this should be examined.
Take care to exercise and eat heart healthy while in this state.
From studies done while agnostic.


I think it means that you are on the cusp of great change


Orange Sensation – the physical body, sex
Center for sexual energy, creativity and pure emotions. Here the male sex drive combines with the female sexual response. Feelings and emotions flow freely through, regulating the relationship between lovers and friends. Balances the free receiving and giving of feelings and emotions.

Pam R

Orange is the colour of your Sacral Chakra, found just under your belly button.
The heart is predominantly green, sometimes gold or pink.
An orange heart would show imbalance or would mean something specific to the psychic who saw it.

T. W.

What does a green heart mean?

Chris C

I did a perception meditation before where I saw my heart chakra as orange, glowing with abundant warmth and deeply loving sensations that filled my entire body with it’s goodness. Yes, heart chakra itself is green, but as Pam R describes, could certainly have a meaning of it’s own.


I One Saw My Heart Glow With A Orange Light It Was So Lovely


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