What does an Aura look like??





Does it look like a mist surround 100% of your body including your face, legs and all??? Or does it look like a tracing of your body but colorful and a little misty. Manily does it cover your entire body or just the sides like a tracing. Spam stuff including Christian stuff like “You need Jesus” will be reported


  1. Your Personal Universe
    Imagine a space filled with radiant light. Energy flows and swirls through it in bright colors. This life energy moves around you, as you sit nestled safely in the center. This place is your aura: your own personal universe. It is your protection, and your playground. It constantly moves and changes, as you move and change.
    Auras come in every color of the rainbow. A human aura has seven layers, or levels. The colors and energies in your aura can change in a short period of time, although you may have a basic color, or combination of colors, that stays constant. These colors are your signature. Think of them as your “favorite colors.” These colors are part of your personality-they make you an individual because they reflect your life experience.
    uras are flexible–in other words, they change all of the time. Size, colors, texture, and density can all change depending on your state of mind, mood, and what you are experiencing in life. Usually, though, there is a basic pattern that we use as a “default.” For example, UCLA researcher Dr. Valerie Hunt noticed that women tend to carry more energy around their upper bodies, and men often have bigger auras around the lower half of their bodies. As a clairvoyant, I often notice that people who think a lot about the future push their auras farther out in front. People who spend a lot of time remembering the past, or who don’t want to plan for the future, often have more energy behind them.
    The size and shape of your aura is unique to you. Your aura could be bigger in front of you than it is behind. Some auras come to a “point” at the top, while others are more egg-shaped. There are really no “typical” auras, because we are all different. Your aura can extend out a few inches from your skin, or many feet. Some people have auras that are as big as a house!
    If you want to know what your Aura Colour is go and look in a mirror take a good look at yourself then close your eyes this will show you the main colour of your Aura
    Love & Blessings

  2. Kind of like a mist. Usually what ever color clothes the person wears is what color the arua is. It’s just your eyes playing tricks on you.

  3. There is no such thing as an aura.
    Unless you are talking about migraine.
    Why people keep asking this instead of going to the doctor is beyond me.

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