what does a yellow/blue combination aura mean?

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I have been taking some aura quizzes doing aura reading exercises. It started out as a bit of fun, but in every exercise or quiz i get an equal yellow and blue aura. I tried to find out about combination aura and they appear to be fairly common: in fact, using google books I saw a book that had chapters on several combination auras, and just my luck It lets you read almost every chapter but the Yellow/blue chapter. None of my online searches will explain what such an aura means. can anyone tell me?

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TRUTH Speaker



…That you are breaking the 1st Commandment for believing in such things!


it means you’re gullible


It means waste of time.


It’s not easy being green.


I suggest that you ask this on the paranormal site or search Y!A for an even more appropriate category. I might look through them also, so don’t chew me out (as one person did on another question) for not doing enough research. We do what we can, & then perhaps revise or add more later if we can find more info. I know that I’ve seen books on the aura published by the Theosophical Society & have checked them out of the library. It’s just that I don’t remember. That’s really a cool org, by the way. I subscribed to their magazine for awhile. Also, there might also be something published by Edgar Cace’s org, either written by him or compiled by someone using his extensive notes.
That’s very interesting, what you say about nothing being in the books about the yellow/blue combination. If you lived in N. California, I’d say to look at Psychic Reader magazine because the org that publishes it out of Berkeley does aura readings & interpretations at its various centers or churches. I’m blanking out about the name of the church. Maybe I can find something at home tonight.
Next day: I remembered this morning that it’s the Church of Divine Man, & it’s also the Berkeley Psychic Institute or something like that, but they have members in other cities as well. Those names I gave you are close enough if not precisely right. They will be close enough to find their website. Maybe they list books or have a spot for questions.
Stepping into your shoes, which no doubt wouldn’t fit, but I’d be trying, I would read the interpretation for yellow & the one for blue & consider how each one applied to me. If it didn’t, I’d say, “Oh, well. I gave it my best shot. Now I’ll read some other spiritual book.” The new book might be about another topic that might have something relevant to me or seem to be more inspiring. That’s what I’d do anyway, but do as you please.


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