What does a Shaman do?

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Well I get the basics like they heal people by going into the spirit world by can they like see the future? Can they let others see the future? What do they do when they go into the spirit world?

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They cast totem of wrath.
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Only a shaman can see the future, and only a shaman knows 🙂


They drink Ayahuasca to get to the spirit world it’s the DMT in plants that makes them hallucinate.What they do is sit in a circle for protection by doing this it can stop them wondering around the jungle when high on Ayahuasca.The Shaman are the only ones who make Ayahuasca you go to see them when you’re unwell and have a drink and a smoke.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=736NKsK86Uk

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Have you been reading Kelley Armstrong?

Shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the natural world and spirit worlds. They can treat ailments/illness by mending the soul.

Laurie B

Shamans are the spiritual leaders of indigenous tribes. Native Americans, African tribes (although the old term for them here is Witch Doctor), Aborigines, South American Indians, anywhere you will find native peoples you will find a Shaman. (the early Irish were a shamanic culture as were some of the early tribes in England, etc.
Shamans do many things, some of them just common sense. They teach others to have respect for their ancestors and all living life as well as travel between this world and the next.
Shamans, because of their passed on training or their unique spiritual training, understand that most illnesses in the body are the result of something that is occurring in the person mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. The body is the last plane of expression for illness or this imbalance.
In cases where a soul retrieval is called for, the Shaman will enter an altered stated by continued drumming and will go into what is termed the “underworld” to recover the parts of the soul that are missing to bring back to the person for their healing. When we experience traumatic events, we diffuse our own internal power, giving it away, this is what the Shaman will retrieve on our behalf.
They enter the underworld through any cavity in the earth, a cave, a tree bole, a crack in the ground. When they go down there, oftentimes they will find the shadow self of entities who have “stolen” bits of your soul and get it back. It is a spiritual world, below the consciousness.
This is just one aspect of what a shaman does. To find out more about shamanism, you might want to start with the books of Carlos Castaneda and the teachings of Don Juan.
Another good book is the Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner.
Yes, they can at times see the future, but understand this, the future is NEVER set. The future when viewed can only be viewed from the moment of time you are in. If you change your direction or your decisions along your path, your future changes as well. So future-visioning is not a set art.
Anyone can learn to develop their own intuitive abilities, we all have them. It’s a matter of learning to work a muscle unused and untended until it functions. There are many teachings that can help you do this if you are interested.

The Enigma

They see visions, carry around inflatable crystal balls, work at Dixon’s, and listen to Fleetwood Mac. ^_^
But all joking aside…
The duty of a Shaman varies from culture to culture. Although they often go by different names, they are all generally the same ‘breed’ of person. Generally, they are skilled human beings who masterfully use their connections between the spirit world and the corporeal world. Often they are the center of a culture’s faith, or considered a prophet or ceremonial figure because of their spiritually strength. Other than communing with the afterlife, they can also capture glimpses of the future, read auras, summon protection and sometimes heal. Basically, a Shaman has opened their channels so effectively that their supernatural abilities surpass that of any common human being, giving them varied gifts. What a Shaman knows and doesn’t know about their own abilities varies from Shaman to Shaman. But generally speaking here, a Shaman is often very well in-tuned with their abilities and will summon their own spiritual strength when needed rather than simply being ‘sucked into’ a vision. It is not unheard of for sudden epiphanies to take place, though, but a Shaman is experienced and masterful enough to know when he/she is in the spirit world and when he/she is in the corporeal realm. What they do there depends on their mission, or goal that they are going to accomplish. At times they need only to observe, at times they have a message that needs to be sent or received. It’s a varying science.
As for giving another the ability, that’s partially true and partially false. One could indeed share a vision with someone else with the use of direct empathy. It’s definitely not impossible. But I doubt they could give someone the permanent gift of Shamanism. You see, a Shaman is gifted with these abilities over time–not just by coincidence. Like anything in the world, one must practice and adjust. To suddenly be placed in the situation of receiving such gifts is like dropping a boulder on a 2-year old’s head and telling him to catch it. Now, let that 2 year old grow a bit and start him off with small rocks and then bricks, and maybe in time he’ll be ready to tackle that boulder. Perhaps abilities can be transferred, but any wise Shaman would know that it is probably not a good idea to put someone in such a compromising situation if they are not prepared for it.
I hope this helped! If you ever have any more questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I’m nearly always in session.

Ava •Sangre•

There.are so many cultural variations around the world that a commonly agreed upon definition seems quite elusive. However one thing remains constant, invariably the shaman is someone who is able to leave ordinary reality and navigate through altered states of consciousness for the purposes of healing and of restoring balance.


They do Shaman stuff you know…sit around this fire and smoke. Sit around the other fire and drink. Then go sit some place else and eat. I have no idea what kind of bathroom facilities they have way up those mountains though. Some poor sap has to carry all the water up to them lazy shamans. That’s not a very nice job to have.
“Soooo….Jim…haven’t seen you since high school buddy, what are ya doing these days man?”
“Yeah.. Hi Don [Trump] well I went to Tibet after college and I carry water up to the shaman now…yep..it’s a really awe-inspiring job and I get to work really close with the shaman himself..”


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