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What does a pentagram with witch writing on it mean?

I know someone that wears a pentagram in a circle with witch writing on it around her neck in a pendant. What does this mean?


  1. well, it would depend on what the writing means. The pentagram by itself is a symbol of protection, but that’s only in its basic form. Obviously, other things such as writing could change it’s symbolic meaning.

  2. She might be Wiccan or pagan. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s Satanic, but she could be. Or maybe she just thinks it’s pretty lol.

  3. The Pentagram is a five-sided star, and is the symbol associated with Magic.
    In its upright state it is said to symbolise the forces of the Right Hand Path, or White Magic. An inverted Pentagram is said to represent the Goat of Mendes, and supposedly symbolises the forces of the Left Hand Path, Black Magic or (at a stretch) Satanism.
    A Pentragram in a circle is actually called a Pentacle, and in most instances the words around the inner rim of the circle are usually for protection against Dark Forces. However, if someone who is not aware of these points wears a pentagram in a circle for decoration, then I would say that is all it is.
    The people who don’t understand or believe in the power of such things are like those who wear Rosary Beads as necklaces. And although you (or your friend) may not believe in this power, millions of people do.

  4. A pentagram is a magic protection symbol usually known as the seal of solomon, there is nothing satanic about it, the five points represent air, fire, earth, wind and spirit. It also represents the horned God, the hunter. In the Wicca religion they do not have a devil or satan so it is nonexistent and has been overcome.

  5. You’ll have to ask her. One symbol can mean different things to different people/groups/cultures.
    To me, the pentagram represents the 5 elements…Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. It is a symbol of protection and a symbol of my spiritual beliefs, and I use it both in my Wiccan and witchcraft practices.
    To early Christians, the pentagram represented the 5 wounds of Christ.
    The writing around it could be anything: runes, astrological symbols, theban alphabet? Since I don’t know what it is, can’t really answer that part.

  6. The pentagram is for Pagans a symbol of protection and spirituality.
    The writing is probably some kind of runes, probably some kind of blessing or protection.


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