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What does a medium or psychic actually do? and How does it work? I need help, i think i need to talk to one?

I need to know how mediums and psychic’s work. I need to talk to someone whom i can trust with the information i give, and not think im absolutely crazy. Please if theres a medium or psychic out there that truly, and seriously believes they have abilities, please help me. And im asking all of you out there to please not pretend to be something you arent in order to get information. Im being extremely serious. Please help me


  1. Psychics can tell you things about yourself and usually about your future while Mediums connect with those on the other side. The only medium I have had direct contact with is George Anderson, one of the best in the world. It was an amazing and truly authentic experience! I first learned about George from a book written about him by a former skeptic: We Don’t Die by Joel Martin. Because mediums and psychics have to preserve their energy and also have a life outside their gift, those with the best reputations usually cost more. For example, an in person or phone reading with George is $1200 (worth every penny!). Another well tested medium is Laurie Campbell (www.lauriecampbell.net) and she does phone readings for $400. Another option: I live near Cassadaga, FL which has a whole community of mediums and psychics who will do a reading for about $50. My husband had one there with Louis Gates and though the reading didn’t “blow him away” at first, a few months later when things came to pass that were revealed in the reading – he was, indeed, blown away! Good luck and I hope you find the answers you are looking for!

  2. Hello, everybody!
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    You can call it “magic” but for me it’s just good work!
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