What does a light orange aura mean?

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Dreamt last night that someone was telling me over and over that I had a “light orange aura”.. and I woke up immediately. I dont even know where this dream came from, I dont know anything about auras, I read today online about orange auras…but in the dream it keep being stressed it was LIGHT orange…Does anyone have any idea what that could mean, if anything? Thanks!

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If I remember correctly, associated with daredevils and risk-takers.
But I don’t put any stock in it.

Alan Turing

It means that you don’t have the ability to differentiate between nonsense and sense.


You’re a Texas University fan?

Pants Party III

People who see auras have usually had a stroke or have very low level undiagnosed schitzophrenia.


A light orange aura means you are shy/timid and empathic or that you have empathy for others.

Mel ^_^

Eeeeh to my knowledge having a red aura has a relation to fire, courage, rage and some kind of disrespect… so you probably have a rage inside of yourself that will show up or you might grow courageous over time…
Light means healing, kindness, a healing touch, an oath to protect and heal those in need.
So a mix of fire and light? it means you have courage and a sense to help and heal those in need to the point that you will go into a rage if you know you can do something to help people but your told not to.
I say there is going to be a challenge in your future that will need both parts of your aura you’ll probably grow courageous and find someone in need that you connect with and you will probably make an oath to help that person or people.


weird dream, sleep paralysis, ghost?

for the past 2 years i sometimes get sleep paralysis, if you dont know what that is , it is where you wake up...

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