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What does a Lavendar and a Green aura mean?

I was tired actually I had been feeling a bit anxious for a few days like I kept Yawning andyways I laid down and upon closing my eyes I could see both a beuatiful color of Lavendar and green coming into focus I just liad there admiring those colors..
Any meaning behind that?.
Thanks for all your replies..It is most fascinating and I appreciate your wisdom…


  1. Over tiredness can sometimes play tricks on your mind. Do you have high blood sugars ? your anxious- your mind needs rest. Have a cup of herbal tea and go to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.

  2. It means that you have reached the highest stage of enlightenment after understanding and accepting good sacred wisdom. To see what I mean read Exodus 34:39-35. Moses begins to have this radiant shine to himself after his encounter with Yahweh.

  3. The lavendar is more your color. The lavendar color is what’s making you yawn and be tired though in combination with the green. That energy of green could be from another source and not your own. That will soon pass and be out of your space. Green can mean healing energy, but it can also mean jealousy and envy.

  4. Lavender and green are very peaceful colors, so I would say the Holy Spirit was manifesting Himself to you in this way to calm the anxieties you’ve had. Sounds to me like you are one very blessed woman! God bless you!!!


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