What do your think of Deepak Chopra?

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Some of the beliefs he has are really hard to understand. Is he a genius? What do you think?

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Smile, Life !s Good!!!

A scammer.
Krishnamurti may have been the real thing.


He’s a new-ager who misuses scientific jargon in an attempt to lend credibility to his beliefs. For example, he has no clue what “quantum physics” is, even though the throws around the term a lot.


The line between genius and insanity waxes exceedingly thin.


Not long after my husband committed suicide, I bought his book on life after death. I couldn’t read more than a few pages. It was simply platitudes.

Rico JPA

Isn’t that what I took last time I had a bacterial infection? No, wait, that was Zpak Chopra. Nevermind.

Slightly Amused 8th Account

He is an idiot.
Give me an etch-a -sketch and I can prove it.


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