• I’m a Humble person, so I’d be happy to simply help others that I don’t really know (personally)
    here at “Yahoo! Answers” or on the “Internet” in general.

    I would Hope to be able to leave my Family some kind of wealth after I’m gone
    from This life.
    (but I would need to build some kind of Wealth or “Insurance” to make that happen)

    You say you Only
    “want to Kiss the Guy of your Dreams” or sing
    the national anthem at the super bowl before you die ?
    I Hope your a really Good singer.
    (who is the Guy you dream of kissing?)

  • International anthem sounds good. Now what I want to do before I die is get the United Nations Charter of Human Rights made into a World Constitution.

    My guess about the guy thing is you already have. Bet it was good.

    Just saying will happen.

  • Well, I feel I will achieve everything I want so I’ll do everything I want to do before I die I guess.
    One thing I’m not so certain I’ll be able to do, is go on soon-to-be-public space trip.

    The only other thing I doubt I will accomplish is to raise children to be even stronger, more intelligent and capable than I am, take on all that I learned so they can continue – if they want, in what I started.

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