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What do you want to be done with your body when you die, and what is your religion/spiritual stance?

I am a spiritual atheist (I know it sounds contradictory; think along the lines of Pantheism, Naturalistic Paganism, Taoism, etc.), and when I die I’d like all of my useful organs to be given to people who need transplants and the rest of me cremated. How about you?


  1. I would donate organs, but they wouldn’t take them lol Either cremation or green funeral. No sense in having one of those huge funerals where everyone cries for 3 days. Just seems to bring more grief to the family.

  2. Same here. I want to donate my organs and be cremated. I hate funerals, I don’t even want a funeral I just want a memorial service. Why have people stare at your dead body? It’s kind of sick and twisted if you think about it. I don’t want to be remembered that way. I just want to be cremated and dumped somewhere, maybe in the ocean if they wanted to make it special.

  3. Ditto.
    I sometimes refer to myself as an [American] [Zen] Buddhist Atheist, so you are not alone.
    I reject the concept of supernatural-ism in any form as superstitious pre-modern nonsense. However, a sense of wonder in nature and a different but related wonder in life and the accomplishments of consciousness [science, Art, relationships] is important to the well being of our species. It strikes at the core of what gives us higher meaning…mind, body, and spirit…if you will.

  4. I’d let the docs use whatever they think is useful for transplant or research (probably darn little, as I’m a wreck.) Whatever’s left, I’d like cremated and shot out into space if the price could be brought down to the point where it’s reasonable – I certainly don’t see the need of my family blowing a fortune on a mere husk.

  5. I want my body cremated and my ashes spread at a specific point (we call this point the Gateway to the River of Life) along the river in my hometown at midnight on the first full moon following my death.
    My friends know what to do.
    I practice Buddhism.

  6. I will be cremated and my ashes buried under a newly planted fruit tree. I am nourished by the earth and by this I will give back the nourishment.
    Also, I can hear my Pagan friends saying, “Lets go eat El Bee.”
    However, my wife says she is going to have me skinned and turned into a windsock, :o)


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