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What do you think…?

about the traditional Asian practices such as ” zen meditation” , yoga etc.which is now becoming a part of western way of life? does this make you as a westerner re-assess your perception of anything at all?


  1. changes are the one which can never change… even you can see the fashion / style part also it is keep on changing as the newer one become the older and the old one become the latest fashion… like wise .. we the people of world exchanging our culture and practices

  2. like the rest of the morons in this country alot of people do things cause it the fad. If something is embrace in whole thats great. we just have too many followers without personal thought.

  3. Because there are cultures older than western civilization, I believe we can learn much from them! There are herbal remedies that our scientist are just now evaluating for common illnesses!!!
    As for Yoga, the Christian culture is changing it to be “Christian Meditation” which originated in Asia!!!! Westerners have a habit of changing culture values to suit their own.
    I love studying other cultures and finding ways to adapt them to my life without changing the value of the experience!
    Great question!

  4. Been there; done that. So my understanding of being centered and umming a mantra is old news. However, getting to the kernel of it all the real argument is whether objective reality exists. Obviously it does, but many are carried about like a feather by every wind of esoteric philosophy that comes along. That is a sure path to really getting messed up in the head. If you don’t know what reality is then you have no sure foundation. I have seen individuals so messed up that their only solution is to reprogram their minds with true affirmations. There is nothing wrong with reason and critical thinking. I rarely find those qualities in either the west or the east. I believe we have to re-assess our perceptions to line up more closely to objective reality in the physical world, the soulish world and the spiritual world. Obviously objective reality is not limited to just the physical. Objective reality is what is. Back in the 60’s in Berkeley, California on Telegraph Avenue it was common to see a person fly out of a tall building under the belief they could fly. It was LSD of course that altered their perception of reality. Unfortunately that reality proved to be false. They were killed by objective reality imposing its will on flaky philosophy like it always has and always will.

  5. Is it like asking what is nothing ? But then, I only have this life to live at present.
    I am not one that meditates. I have had friends that did yoga. Myself, I find being active, like riding my mountain bike, running/exercising to be more enjoyable.
    They allow me to have the energy to be involved with my life.
    Also, in some ways they are similar to meditation in that they clear my mind and relieve stress.


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