What do you think would happen, if you were to poke my third eye?

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I can tell you now, it’s gruesome…
But since I’m in a good mood, I’mma let you guess
oh, and if you didn’t notice -points to his forehead-
there it is

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Dances With Hobos

It opens the door to the magical land of Narnia.

King Turd on Fart Island

your head would explode.

★Dαιsy ιs bαçk☆

2012 becomes real? O.o


Probably a bruise on your forehead will result.

♥ ☠This Blood on my hands♥ â˜

It opens the door to Shadow Zone & I’ll be devoured by the shadows & be stuck there which I would die in that place but no before going completely insane.
Haha sorry I’ve watched too much of the Japanese anime Yugioh(don’t like the dub)


Will be able to see the paradise of ghosts and mysterious creatures


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