Home Discussion Forum What do you think will come next in human evolution?

What do you think will come next in human evolution?

Telepathy? Flying? Greater percent usage of the brain? Taller? Shorter? Anything goes. What do you think it will be and what would you like to see?


  1. i would say the next major thing would be uni-sex..no longer male and female.. being both sexes in some cases seek the person of the same sex.. the human race will die out if everybody turned gay..being Gay is not part of the natural selection.. you must have male mate with female. the body would do this so the it would survive. being gay is like being retarded in eyes of nature. Most animals would kill anything gay off or just let it starve .The human nature main thing is to survive so it would do what ot had to……

  2. I don’t think we will survive the next one. Have you seen the state of this society, what a friggin mess. Dumb idiots’s running countries. We are still fighting over race, religion, politics, money, oil. We are barely out of the jungle. Okay so there are a few civilized people but the uncivilized far outweigh the civilized.
    I think this world will be destroyed by an asteroid before we go through another evolutionary stage. And to be honest we don’t deserve this planet the way we have treated it. We can’t even treat an animal with kindness, never mind our fellow man.
    God help us if the people from this planet make it to other planets, what a friggin mess that would be. We may actually see movies like Star Wars come true.

  3. Extinction. Due to air pollution When the oxygen levels get down to about 15% no more babies will be born because the fetuses can’t get enough oxygen through the placenta when it’s at that level.


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