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What do you think total consciousness would be like, supposing such a thing existed?


  1. Total consciousness? Not sure what you mean except isn’t that just pretty much being conscious, only you’re more focused than usual? Like you’r more observant and you know what’s going on in your mind, body and etc? xD

  2. If I knew, I would probably be on a mountaintop in Oregon living in a geodesic dome house eating my organic salad made from vegetables I grew myself while working on my next novel instead of in a cubicle farm in the offices of a big corporation working like an office drone.

  3. “total” consciousness, as you put it, would be so far beyond anything we could ever possibly comprehend that we will never even come close to understanding it. it’s something we couldn’t possibly fathom. we’re just nowhere near advanced enough. that which we perceive is so infinitessimaly tiny in comparison to everything that’s really out there that it’s beyond amazing, it’s beyond anything that any human language could ever hope to describe in words. and i don’t think we’d want to, because whatever it really is is so complex that it would drive us insane before we barely even scratched the surface. that definitely doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, and all the small mysteries we uncover on the way there are just as amazing. but it’d just be so ridiculous, lol..

  4. total consciousness is like living your life not regreting anything experiencing everything you’ve always wanted appreciating everything in your life feeling tasting hearing and seeing everything you’ve ever wanted to all at once everyday for the rest of your life I dunno if that makes sense to anyone else but that is what I see

  5. I think the closest we can possibly get is when we accept our death right before it happens. It’s happened to me and the only thing that mattered was watching the sun set. A little bit of luck and maybe a little bit of fate got me home again but I was certain I was going to die that night. Everything around me I’ve ever wondered about became clear. Everything that so many take for granted means so much to me now. I think that’s what it’s like.

  6. probably unberable. we would be assulted from stimuli from all of our senses at once, able to percieve the underlying motive for every action ever done, see the horribleness of human nature while seeing the most beautiful side of human nature at the same time. i think it would be like being John Coffey in the Green Mile. eventually you would long for release.


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