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What do you think to the Dalai Lama's 10 day visit to the UK starting today?

John Major and Tony Blair both had meetings with the Dalai Lama in No. 10 Downing Street, Gordon Brown has chosen to meet the Dalai Lama elsewhere. What are the motives of Gordon Brown in doing so?


  1. Simple. He does not want to annoy the Chinese.
    His arugment for meeting the Dalai Lama in Lambeth palace is to point out that it is a spiritual meeting, not a political one. I am not sure if that is right or not. Personally, I would go for the all or nothing approach and meet him at Downing Street.
    While I understand that the Chinese think that Tibet is part of China, and I am aware that the people of Tibet were worse of when independent than they are now, I also feel that they have the right of self determination, and should be allowed to be independent if that is what they wish.

  2. If he meets the DL outside No. 10, it seems less like an ‘official’ meeting, thereby not giving the Chinese an excuse to accuse Britain of ‘officially’ supporting the DL and the larger issue of Tibet and human rights.
    Everyone is being very careful to stay on the right side of the next empire. Except Australian PM Kevin Rudd, who told China (in fluent Mandarin, and IN CHINA) to wake the hell up.

  3. It’ll be to do with the 2012 Olympics. If London hadn’t won the bid then Brown would had been a bit more open about meeting the Dalai Lama.
    However, he wants to please him and the Chinese at the same time.


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