Home Discussion Forum What do you think the timescale for Human technological advancement would be?

What do you think the timescale for Human technological advancement would be?

Sci-fi programmes, documentaries, proper scientists working in their respective fields all give rough estimates for the progression of Human technology, for instance, one can say that we would be capable of FTL travel by year 2500, and another source would say year 20,000. But what is the true science behind these estimates?
You might say that when SLHC comes operational the progression of particle discoveries would speed up, and should theoretical tachyon particles be proved to exist then commercial applications may speed up the development of FTL travel. If that was the case then the development of this technology would be fast.
You could argue though that if a method for FTL travel was discovered much later, say by the time Humans had begun colonization efforts. Then the troubles of communication and management in many Human colonies would slow down the development and widespread application of the technology.
What are your opinions on this? Can you give a TIMELINE for the progression of Human technology? Not just FTL, I only used that as an example. Fell free to include any ideas not relating to technology as long as it can describe what you think will happen to Humans in the future.


  1. Sometime in this century, computers may become smarter than humans. If so, they may rapidly become much, much smarter and that will change everything.

  2. I personaly do not think so. We really don’t have a consistant rate of advancement. Any of these things could be accedently made in the next year or two, or studied and created in the next 15 years. This all depends.

  3. Without containment of terrorism and control of thousands of loose nuclear devices, scientific advancement will be hard to maintain.
    And natural disasters, like supervolcano, asteroid, or pandemic disease to make most of this planet unpleasant for all but a handful of humans and not much else could put a big damper on advances.
    If humans get out of the 21st Century no better or worse off than they got out of the 20th, that would be a win. Not getting out at all is a very real possibility.

  4. sorry bud none of us will ever travel FTL it is quite impossible. Worm holes are your only hope for taking huge chunks of space in a small amount of time. Think about it this way only Black holes are faster than light, and that’s because they are the absence of everything… I believe sometime soon in our future the technological world will collapse( be it solar flares, nukes, or natural disasters) and when this happens humans will start from scratch. so start studying now if you want to know how to do anything for yourself! I bet farming will be a big bussiness (if the Ozone doesnt dissapear for a good 1,000 years.


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