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What do you think really happens to the human mind & consciousness during death?


  1. It is like a bulb that just turns off when the power is out! The human brain is run by complex electric charges and when this electric charge finally gets consumed the human brain also turns off and consciousness gone like the light from a bulb.

  2. When the doctors pronounce someone “brain dead” that means everything else connected to the brain is gone, also. Without brain wave activities your mind and consciousness are no more♥

  3. I see the Yahoo article sparked some interest. I’ve had an NDE so I speak with some authority. The dying mind gives the person a set of illusions that seem very real.
    First comes the out of body experience. It is strange! I floated up and turned over to look at all the people gathered around me. Since it occurred when I was quite young(4yrs old), for about a period of three years afterward, I could duplicate the sensation and then lost the ability. Next, is the trip, it begins like a movie theater. Where, as you walk in, images are flashed on a screen. These images are from your life. Highlights mostly. Images of people, both good and bad images. Then all goes black except a small dot of light which grows slowly at first then faster and faster. In my case I came to a stop on a gray hill over which shined a brilliant light. There, a small group of people met me. Men and women, I could not see their faces. All except a woman and small girl, turned around and went into the light. The woman spoke and said, “You must go back. Now is not the time.” It felt extremely good being there. A sense of contentment I yearn for to this day. I began to cry, protesting that I did not want to go, I wanted to go into the light.The little girl said, “You have something to do.” Then I felt the pull and I was flying back. Even as I floated above my still form and watched the doctors and nurses working over me, I still did not want to return and then, sudden I was there and the doctor and nurses were hurting me. I cried not because of the bodily pain but for the loss of that brief glimpse of peace and contentment.
    My experience is not unique. My NDE came about because of a fever that almost boiled my brain. I hit 107 before they got the temp down. Had the brain stem been injured, I would not have had such an experience. That works like a light switch. One minute the lights are on and the next, your dead. There is no floating, dark tunnels or lights, just plain, quick darkness and non-existence.
    The brain stem is in the kill zone of an animal attack. Nature is merciful in that respect. Just a brief instant of pain that you may or may not register and then it is all over.

  4. Interesting question(s)… i can only guess. There may be a scientific answer in regards as to what happens to the mind – but i’m not technically qualified to answer that. As for the consciousness – perhaps it can be any of or a combination of a general anesthetic experience, paralysis, a dream state, a timeless pause.

  5. the same thing as while i am in deep sleep. or knocked unconscious, or as before i was born. it ceases to exist.
    consciousness at least, as for my mind, well, that depends on what you call mind i guess. a brain can still function fine without you being aware of it. it is even possible to walk around and stuff without being aware of it.
    but for me the mind is the thought part, the thinking process, the voice in your head, the awareness, everything, it is the consciousness and what the consciousness is aware of.
    so i guess in a deep sleep, or coma, or unconscious state your mind is still partially in existence, but, i would not consider it truly a mind, without the vital piece of consciousness.

  6. Everything shuts down and your mind sees its true nature.
    Check out “The Tibetian Book of the Dead” & “The Tibetian Book of Living & Dying.”

  7. Dear Sophist,
    Your experience is very interesting to read at the same time it invokes some mixed emotions. The way you have narrated is excellent, that , I almost experienced what you wrote.
    This question has been asked numerous times in this forum, and there are hundreds of answers. But yours seem to be on top of all.
    Thanks for sharing a real life experience.
    Now Dear Rita,
    Read Sophist’s answer. What more can you ask for?

  8. It’s like sleeping but without the dreams. Nothing of you but your body exists.
    In my opinion, I’d love that when you die you dream. So you can live your life all over again, do whatever you want to do….so like one big lucid dream.
    But seeing as when you die your whole body shuts down….cease to exist as someone said.
    The fact that you only have one life, should make you cherish it that much more.


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