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What do you think of this?

I’m reading this book called ‘The Lost Secret of Death.” It’s about what happens when you die. In it the author tells of a woman who had a past life regression done during which time she found out she’s had her fear of abandonment for 2000 years. It stayed with her from lifetime to lifetime.
According to the author of this book, contrary to what most people who believe in reincarnation think, it doesn’t actually advance you. You don’t learn anything. You just keep having the same problems over and over. When you think about it, if you look at the human race it makes sense. We haven’t really improved as a race over time. If anything, the ancients were smarter than us in some ways.
You know what’s interesting? I put this question in the paranormal section because I figured I would find people here who understand this stuff. You can’t put it in r&s because apparently in that universe there are only 2 options out of all the possible ways to think of transcendent reality; Christianity or atheism. So I put it here. And you’re all trashing on it. Amazing.


  1. There’s no good evidence for previous lives, just because someone makes something up and writes a book about it doesn’t mean that it is true.
    How were the ancients smarter? Less education, less technology, less concern for human rights, I don’t think that qualifies as smarter.

  2. But the thing about past life regression is that people know what their feelings are, and are so desperately looking for a reason for that, that in their lowered state of consciousness the invent (sub consciously) a character that they were previously, but based on themselves. I am sure there are several people who claim they were Elvis in a past life, they can’t all have been him.

  3. You ask What do you think of this, expect to get other opinions not in tune to yours.
    I agree partially with what you are talking about. Memory is a physical construct based upon chemicals in your brains. Once you are dead, no more brain. No more memories. Thus your soul gets recycled and that new life knows nothing of the last. Now, there may be a way to impress your WILL onto the soul and have a certain “frequency/amplitude” affect on the soul, yet again this will only give an impression nothing more to the next life cycle.
    Regressions are subjective to the individual and their understanding of historical events. It is all made up hallucinations in the mind.
    HOWEVER. Your brain uses cells to hold information, the blood flows through the body into your brain to supply oxygen and other “stuff” then it takes away all the trash – including broken down cells and memory engrams. Blood then courses throughout the entire body feeding the cells and picking up the trash. Last stop before the kidneys is… The reproductive organs! Now when the blood is soo full of “trash” who’s to say that some of that doesn’t get dropped off in the sperm/egg cells and combined with the chromosones that determine the genetic makeup of the next generation. Maybe the can explain why you feel a certain propensity to do something your parents did when they were your age…
    It’s proven that genetic memory can be passed on to the next generation – just check out planarians. Teach one how to go through the maze, chop it up and feed it to others and they too can go through the maze.
    Be very careful when a book “reveals” a “lost secret” because they can simply be selling some snake oil. The answers are out there, do your own research.

  4. well hon i am also writing a book of things in the paranormal an even though you think you don’t learn anything because you keep repeating them ,this is due to the fact you continue to return till you do learn from this same mistake or issue ,if you never try to improve it you return to retry it till you do get it so to speak.

  5. people trashing this question just proves your point.we will never learn by our mistakes.and there will always be people who disregard things they dont understand

  6. I am not entirely sure what your question is beyond our opinion of what you’ve stated. I think we have past lives and future lives, making up one long life where our life eventually ends and our soul is given a final resting place. Some people become aware and remember parts of their past lives or can interact in their future through astral projection. It seems reasonable to say that we don’t really advance and we won’t unless we become aware of our past and our past mistakes. When we become aware we learn what we have done and that gives you the ability to make changes. We do repeat the same problems a lot and that is why we repeat the cycle of war and domination. When enough people become aware they will start to make positive changes in their life which will influence others to make changes in their own eventually leading to a better world and an end to the repetition of our problems and humanities problems.


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