What do you think of this statement? Regarding consciousness?

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“It is universal experience that the personal consciousness identity–the ‘I’-consciousness (I-con) remains constant, while the body is constantly changing cell by cell over time. This is evidence for immortality.”
I think the website is silly, but just wondering what you think of that message.

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That is evidence for brain cells that last an entire lifetime. When brain cells are destroyed, memory loss occurs.

God's Ho

Actually, it is really weird when you think about it.
Remember an incident from your childhood. It’s a fact that not a single cell in your body was there!

Talon D

It is blissfully ignorant of the biological processes in our body…

Captain Sarcastic - The Captain

The statement is utterly meaningless if one actually understands biology and human physiology.

Liberal AssKicker

Well, no, your consciousness grows, too, with each new experience.
Your “I” can also bond with another human being and become a “we”, which is why you feel unexplainable physical pain when they’re gone.


I don’t find that evidence of immortality at all. I find that to be evidence of consciousness…
As a matter of fact, our body is made to have the ability to rejuvenate itself over and over again. Aging is a process though, that no scientist understands the cause of. I believe our bodies are meant to live forever- not as immortal though.


I am a fish therefore you are a goat and I like jam therefore this is evidence for immortality.

Ceiling Cat

When a prefrontal lobotomy is performed on a person and they lose their entire personality that’s evidence of mortality and evidence against immortality of consciousness.
Ethan – our bodies are designed to die so that we don’t pollute the gene pool. Every cell accrues genetic damage over time, so if an extremely old individual were to reproduce, their offspring could bring deleterious changes to the next generation.


If consciousness is immortal, why does it include awareness of ones death?

Plato is at War with Ignorance

personally i don’t think my consciousness stays constant my view changes every day i have a new experience.


It’s gibberish that shows a marked ignorance of neurological science. Cells being replaced does not equate to data loss. Also, the “I” consciousness does not remain demonstrably constant. Perhaps you’ve heard of Alzheimer’s disease or head trauma.

James S

It is flawed because the conscious is developed through the mental set of an individuals. If anything is constant it is that man will develop socially and that societal influence will develop the conscious.


I believe it is possible to train the mind to stay awake while falling asleep, to the point of controlling my dreams, all the way thru death, in fact controlling my next rebirth.


Disagree…my consciousness does not remain constant, in fact it has grown, in wisdom and stature, and this is to be expected. Consciousness implys knowing and knowing is a process, not an event.
“When I was a child, I spoke as a child I thought as a child, I acted as a child; Now that I am grown, I have put away childish things. Now we see as in a mirror, darkly; then we shall see face to face.
Now I know in part, then I shall know all, even as I am fully known”


Our mind is the neural algorithm that our brain executes. The question of immortality revolves around the question of how many brains does a typical neural algorithm inhabit. If the answer is large as could certainly be possible in an infinite multiverse then the possibility of immortality becomes significant. If it is only one brain per mind then no immortality is possible.
Your statement is correct as far as it goes, pointing out that the link between the physical brain and the algorithmic mind is a logical link and not a purely physical one.
Suppose for example you destroy a computer running Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows will still be running on other computers. If the computers are identical and not networked then Microsoft Windows will be unable to determine which computer it is running on, nor will Microsoft windows be able to determine it is running on multiple computers.
The I consciousness refers to identity, meaning there is a unique history of the neural algorithm within a specific brain. It does not mean that the algorithm state is unchanging as some of your other respondents may have interpreted it as meaning.


Adam, you’re a little misinformed. Brain cells can only last up to around 50 years. Throughout life, they are slowly replaced.
If I remember correctly, another interesting thing is that your entire skeleton is completely replaced once every 2 years or so. If it wasn’t, it would be completely dissolved by then.


It’s a thought. The bible tells us man could have lived forever and that it was not Almighty
God’s want or intention for man to die but to be loyal and true to his guidance. Man chose
his own way that brought death upon him and his offspring. This was the results of Adams
personal choice to be like God, knowing good and bad. Is it not wonderful that God decided
right there in the garden to restore life to Adams offspring that sought God and his favor
in the way they lived and served him. God put his plan into action and has appointed a time
when earthly realm of his domain will come back under his total kingdom rule by means of
the instrument he chose, his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. God warned Adam about not
listening to his fatherly warnings but Adam chose his way from the heart. His heart was not
with God when the trial of choice came about. How hurt God must have been and yet know
filled with loving grace God chose a time when he would restore life to those who truly love
him and want his guidance. We too have freedom to make our choice but we must seek
strength from our God and means of spiritual up building in gaining accurate knowledge that
leads to everlasting life. Isaiah 26; 19-21……Revelation 21; 4…..John 17;3….
Gods purpose for man was to live forever in a paradise earth that man would care for as they
served him by giving their worship and praise to their true Creator and God..loyally…..
Genesis 1; 26-28….2; 7,8..17…..3; 2-6,15,17,22,


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