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What do you think of this quote by Albert Einstein?

โ€œThe only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.โ€ – Albert Einstein
Squidgy-Are you saying that nothing can be learned on your own?
Who then, taught the first teacher?
Daniel-You’re thinking of-
โ€œI have never let schooling interfere with my education.โ€
-Samuel L. Clemens (better known as Mark Twain)
It’s a similar but distinct quote


  1. To me, it sounds like he’s criticizing an education system
    lol, the education system here in the USA sucks. Kids these days are getting dumber and dumber

  2. Einstein was a genius who couldn’t be bothered with a typical education. He had better things on his mind. Bigger and better things ……as we all know

  3. That’s hilarious, we truly do learn about things that are unnecessary when many other subjects more substantial towards the development and progress of humanity, such as current events, are not taught through the educational system.

  4. i totally agree.
    the way i would say it is:
    go to school and study hard, otherwise you will end up in a dead end job, like a teacher or something.

  5. I think it is brilliant in some aspects, saying that sometimes that in our learning we are restricted to think out of the box or continue because of our education of something we already know.

  6. It makes sense. In order to learn you have to dream. You have to think crazy thoughts and attempt to being them to life. Education is very beneficial but it can kind of be like a straitjacket. It can be confining. I take same view as Einstein and apply it to my guitar playing, too. Education is nice, but a person absolutely must experiment on their own to get good results.

  7. Definitely genius, I agree with Laura.
    Education is forced learning, and most people give up because they loathe school. Einstein was the same way- Fs all through school, but he’s actually one of the few people that progressed science for all of Terra.

  8. I think it’s rubbish. He was a professor. He didn’t give many classes, granted, but hypocrisy is never far away from high-sounding nonsense like that. Besides, did he really imagine himself capable of creating the mathematics he needed purely from first principles?

  9. in some ways it’s very good. education, particularly public education, teaches how to reproduce facts, repeat what others have already said. learning, real learning, involves drawing conclusions based on evidence and creating inferences.
    actually that’s the problem with the modern evolutionists. they expect everyone to conform to their ideas and if you don’t they censure you, which intereferes with learning and the ability to discuss and debate a fast. in science, wether or not evolution is righ is irrelevant, the ability to ask and answer questions as the EVIDENCE takes you, not some theory, is the only relevance. and that is the point Einstein was making… education interferes with that.

  10. I think it makes great sense because (as an example) when we go to school to get an education they are not only affecting the way we learn but WHAT we learn. If everyone was on their own without formal education we would still always be learning, but we would be learning what was relevant as it became necessary (not always the easy way) in life’s situations.

  11. Preconceived notions, limitations, rules made to fit current understanding… Learning is about discovery, understanding and application.
    Sometimes the self imposed boundaries of education can impair one’s learning process

  12. When you are creative, education can actually hold you back. Not that there isn’t a place for education even in creative feilds, just that if it isn’t good education, then it can squash creativity.
    When you are a writer, education can serve to train every potential writer to be just like the others before them. This can prevent new styles from evolving.
    For most people in science, education is critical, but when you get to the level of Einstein, creativity is essential to imagining new possiblities. So after a point, education just teaches them to think in the box and never explore new ideas.
    I think education is very essential in most people’s lives, but it must be coupled with personal experimentation and exploration to prevent a stagnant mind.

  13. Keeping the quote in the context of his German upbringing under the Kaiser, it makes a lot of sense. He was impeded by many teachers due to his inquisitive mind, asking questions like “What is light made of?” at a time when such a thing was not even considered.
    He only did well in math, and got in trouble as a boy for saying out loud he did not wish to become a soldier. Today, he’d be singled out as gifted and a school encouraging him to develop his gifts would be found.

  14. “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.” (Winston Churchill)

  15. awesome, genius. i love his quotes
    โ€œThe true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.โ€
    : )

  16. I somewhat agree. I , for instance, had the misfortune of having a miserable physics teacher and because of him I despised the subject and always thought I’m incapable of properly understanding it. Later I discovered I had a problem with him not the subject itself. I’ve learned more about physics on my own then he ever taught me.
    One of the major issues is that they don’t teach applications to what you’re learning most of the time and they either don’t know how or are not interested in making kids curious and willing to learn.

  17. โ€œThe only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.โ€ – Albert Einstein
    He is referring to the springboard of education to self appointed learning. While education serves the purpose of offering particular skills and knowledge, self appointed learning is when one can finally apply what you know to what you want to learn – its suppositional thinking.
    You can learn that 2+2=4, but when you can apply math concepts to describe relativity – that’s another story of having learned and then apply…
    Consider: photograpy You can take classes and learn how to operate the camera – but you become an artist when you find your vision by applying all you know to what you want to say….the same is true for most anything taught

  18. I find that that is a true statement. As well as Mark Twain’s quote. I also find I can learn in any circumstance, it just has to do with how you see it in your own mind. What can I get out of this proposition of knowledge being granted me in a subjective manner? Can I at least learn the opposite of what someone is preaching? yes. Even if they are thoroughly ignorant of a subject, it may still ingrain certain aspects of that subject deep enough into ones psyche that they will hold that thought and allow it to grow from other forms of input later.
    Nice question once again Travis.

  19. Well, As other people have mentioned he was not very bright in school. Now while it may have been stated. I think one can not understand being truly genius and yet no one recognizes this. Subjects that are taught by repeated drilled in facts are in no way relevant to real life. Perhaps he was saying that by filling young minds with pointless knowledge they now feel as if they need to do no thinking.

  20. its genius, it means to choose your own path of learning and subject and not been forced to learn something you are not interested in

  21. Doubtless it is profound. I tend to doubt the validity of quotes attributed to Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain and possibly Will Rogers. They are about as valid as psalms attributed to King David.
    And just because a man alleged to have been a genius may have said it does not necessarily mean that it is true, or true for all time. There is evidence, for instance, that his wife did a lot of the mathematics on his Theory of Relativity.
    Have you looked at the evidence that he may have had Asperger’s syndrome?
    He didn’t do too badly for a file clerk in a Swiss customs office.
    What contribution have you made to Western Civilization?
    How long shall we expect this question to have top billing in Homework? Is this the result of the new layout, the same dreadful questions having the shelf life of Twinkies?

  22. I believe it means that the method of education, someone else teaching you with their methods, is interfering with the method of learning, by you yourself committing error and learning from it


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