What do you think of this quote about communicating with others your spiritual insights and realizations?





“As mentioned in a previous post, I feel that sharing can be a sneaky way of giving away any power you accrue.. This may be a subconscious sabotage of your own awakening. That is, if the material is really meaningful to you, why not keep it to yourself and incorporate it into your being, rather than trying to boost up your own ego? There is a fine line between helping another person and trying to paint yourself as an “awakened one”.
It is so good to hear from you on here again Cassie :))
I just want to get some opinions from others…I think what I take from the quote is that our actions speak louder than our words…to me it says that if you really care and want to help someone perhaps a much gentler approach than preaching to them is to allow them to observe your values/truth/etc through your actions. In some ways giving advice appears to be beneficial, but in other ways it seems so ‘impersonal’ or ‘detached’ compared to LIVING your truth…
Thank you all for your wonderful comments so far!


  1. Giving what we have to those who need fetches and makes us more and for long and solid; brings clarity and assurance.

  2. While sharing can be a way of giving up energy to others, sometimes this reciprocating exchange is the very thing that keeps us connected to one another. One can not keep all the power for themselves. It is also good to lead by example.

  3. Quote: …sharing can be a sneaky way of giving away any power you accrue.
    My comment: If the expression is coming out of a real *insight* and is not just the repetition coming from an established concept and belief system, then it is not a ‘giving away of power’. If it comes from the ‘sneaky way’ of a personality, then it would mean that the person is sharing their fake truth and looking for confirmation and that indeed would ad to ones power.
    Quote: This may be a subconscious sabotage of your own awakening.
    My comment: That’s right! Then that would be a continuation of the game of ones personality, being stuck and sabotaging ones own growing and awakening. At a certain step of evolution concepts and belief systems give some orientation and security, but then comes the moment when the inbuilt growing force pushes the individual forward and that is to grow beyond those crunches, otherwise these become obstacles that hinder any further growing. It is also part of human nature and of any alive system, that the system once established, tries to protect itself and so is defending it against any influences that does not strengthen it. That might be seen as obstacle, but it is at the same time a protection that helps the individual to grow in ones ‘cocoon’ until is ready to break the protecting shell.
    Quote: If the material is really meaningful to you, why not keep it to yourself and incorporate it into your being, rather than trying to boost up your own ego?
    My comment: That’s it: To ‘incorporate’ the concepts in ones ‘being’! That’s unfortunately not the way it goes, mostly it is enough that the concept gives a ‘meaning’ and then of course when repeating ones ‘property’ by communicating it with others, then ones ego or personality is ‘boosted’.
    Quote: There is a fine line between helping another person and trying to paint yourself as an “awakened one”.
    My comment: Yes, there might be worlds between this ‘helping’ person and *truth*. That’s the only that really helps and not just supports to establish a new beautiful concept or give strength to an old one that was worn out. – – – That’s the common game between ‘spiritual’ people: Confirming each other in their concepts and being even more ‘spiritual’ by finding more sophisticated concepts, those of the highest ones that can’t be beaten by any body else. – – – So you are absolutely right by saying one should better shut up and bring those beautiful concepts into ones ‘being’.
    Your comment: Actions speak louder than our words…to me it says that if you really care and want to help someone perhaps a much gentler approach than preaching to them is to allow them to observe your values/truth/etc through your actions.
    My comment: Yes, a good way to see it. The question is if the person who needs help is capable to recognize the value and truth in an action. It depends totally on their interpretation and then some explanation might be necessary. Why one does certain things and why one does it in this way.
    Your comment: In some ways giving advice appears to be beneficial, but in other ways it seems so ‘impersonal’ or ‘detached’ compared to LIVING your truth…
    My comment: You are hitting the nail on its head! The realized *truth* in ones life and being, will have transformed ones *energy* and that is what will have an impact on others and ones surrounding. If then out of this energy there comes an advice, then this might be accepted, but of course only if the other is ready and open. And indeed: When really being ‘ready’ then this person will reject any advice coming out of worn out concepts.
    Resuming: Let’s stop talking for a while and better reflect, looking at ourselves and finding out about ourselves and who we are. Are we still in the straitjacket of our personality? Is it a high pitched spiritual jacket? Do we express ourselves to be confirmed in our beliefs, concepts and self image? Do we like to ‘help’ others with talking to them because then we feel confirmed in our existence? Are we able to observe ourselves, being aware of our reactions? Are we aware that we are provoking others and our surrounding with our expression, behavior and our energy? Do we know why we are doing this? Isn’t it that we have the opportunity then to answer with our reaction to the reaction of others and so feeling confirmed in our existence?
    Well, I can continue, but this will go beyond your question and then you might not want to hear about it. So then my last point is the question if expressing oneself is beneficial. Probably only, if the asking person is really ready to go beyond their personality. So, meeting a person in daily life one better try to sense the energy of this person and then talk only if one is ask something specific, apart of this one freely can submit and beam ones good energy to the other and one can also use words for this and it doesn’t really matter what about it is…

  4. the ego is very sneaky indeed
    when its lead by the spirit
    there is no picture painting … it flows
    i do like this quote

  5. Whatever you possess as a material thing, you can always share it the way you want it and to anyone you desire at anytime. You may lost a part or a whole of what you have depending on what and how you gave your possession.
    Whatever you possess as something intangible such as intelligence, health and spiritual gifts, you can give all that you know and all that you have without anything that can be taken away from you.
    I have known a lot of things which I shared with friends but those things are still with me and nothing was lost, instead I even gained much greater knowledge because the friends I gave what I know gave me also what they know.

  6. Since Truth can come from the most humble sources, and can sometimes be communicated with few words, I would not accuse anyone of trying to puff themselves up with spreading what they have learned.
    You can learn as much sometimes from the cleaning lady, the taxi driver, or the gardener as you can from the preacher.
    When one sentence can change the course of someone’s life, why confuse this with the speaker’s ego trip? Something needed said, and you said it.

  7. Whether you “keep it to yourself,” or “sing it from the rooftops,” it matters not…
    It’s as many have said already, the intent is what matters. 🙂

  8. i am often emotionally moved by hearing of others experiences and stories. it gives me hope and it also serves to reinforce my faith the the whole of creation at its core is love and divine in nature.
    we live in a world where we are bombarded at every pass with news of death, pain, despair, and decisions made by dishonest leaders. there have been times in my life where constantly hearing this has made me really question my faith in humanity….and it is those times where i seek the stories of others…i need to hear about the good others do because it reminds me that there is not only negativity out there…
    i think we always need to be mindful of our motives while speaking to others about spiritual realizations or really anything in general. is our motive to show others how much we have learned??ego?? or is it to help out the person who is entering their own period of awakening???
    so i do agree that “There is a fine line between helping another person and trying to paint yourself as an “awakened one””…but that in no way means we need to be selfish and not share with others our stories that may be inspirational to someone else. i am so very glad that the ancient wise people did not keep their knowledge to themselves. just imagine the darkness we would be living in if all the previous awakened souls simply meditated in a cave for their entire life and never gave speeches or wrote books or made art.

  9. hi kasey…
    if your heart tells you to speak… then you should speak…
    “Better open reproof than voiceless love.” – Proverb
    however… before you speak…
    it is wise to stop, look and listen.

  10. I have never thought that sharing spiritual material as an act of egoism. I believe keeping it to yourself is a form of selfishness. “Giving away any power you accrue…?” What on earth does that mean? The only eason I would keep anything to myself is if I was ‘sharing’ with a group of closed minded people. Calling it “giving away your power” is a big cop-out if I ever heard one. We can be the example by sharing what we know, not keeping it to ourselves. There is a fine line between an ‘awakened one’ and an egotistical one.

  11. Hi ya KASEY!!! You are a spring in my step! Thanks!
    I think that keeping it for yourself is as …haughtiness always begets a great fall! To understand discovery one must use the humble approach. One should ask what others think and then use reasoning as advice for others to see.
    Knowledge may be power, but discernment is truly wise!
    Absolutely some of the most thought provoking questions seem to come from you! Thank you Kasey for the provokement!

  12. I’m sorry, but this reminds me of the lady that told me that “if everyone gets to go to heaven, it won’t be special!” This is an appalling image of God as a Grandfather who has his “favorites” and part of the fun of knowing him is watching those who don’t make his favorites list suffer. You keep your little spiritual gems to yourself because sharing them would somehow diminish their value? To whom? You make the race to spiritual truth an ego trip? I would have thought that your idea of God was an end in itself and if you could possibly put those ideas into words that could help another human being, you would just do that. We share what we love. C.S. Lewis is rolling in his grave over this lovely little question.
    After reading these responces and seeing all the thumbs up that you generated here, I think you asked this question to help unite an otherwise divided community. Good for you! Even if you didn’t intend it, it seems to have had that effect, so I would say we should try to ask more like it.

  13. We must hold new information to ourselves for a time to allow it to “root” in. If we run with it too soon, we take the chance of misunderstanding what has been given to us because we’ve swallowed it without savoring its flavor. This is akin to eating hurriedly without enjoyment. The experience is richer for allowing ourselves to be present to the food (sit at the table awhile) for the greatest nourishment.
    Too, it is possible to misinterpret if we jump to conclusions without letting the “fullness” of the information form so that a greater context can be illustrated and all appropriate threads/links put into place. To get the most out of the revelations/insights/inspirations given, surely we must let them percolate for a time. Otherwise, we run the risk of seeing/understanding only a portion of what has been given…fragments will seem to be the whole, and we will become as gossipmongers who are most eager to tell the latest news without full knowledge.
    There comes a time to share, of course, but it will be well after our own understanding (at the current level) is complete. If shared too soon, we become the blind leading the blind. As the bible states, there is a season for everything…Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (“To everything there is a season…).
    Patience reaps great rewards, for there is more than meets the human eye…
    i am Sirius

  14. My experience has been at times I do need to keep new ah-has & revelations close till they root in or it can be a loss of focus & personal energy temporarily. But after they are well established & seeded in it really is all dependent on intent & motive. Speaking Truth as I understand it can help to clarify for me and there is something almost magical that happens when Truth is spoken & heard by yourself coming from your own lips. I am not sure I can explain it! Again, motive is important.
    There comes a place where answering questions takes a different angle, at least it has for me. I rarely approach a Q with a specific answer in mind. Much of the time I am mildly surprised by what comes forth. Most of the time I do not know fully the knowledge available to me until I answer a Q. LOL!
    If you were to ask a few close friends they would tell you I often say while speaking, “I did not know that till just now”. Many times I find the answers are as much if not more for me than the one I answer. I have found a new writer, LOL!
    I have begun to learn that when the question is “sent back” & the mind emptied the answer will come forth. The mind as a tool is designed to be a receiver & I am learning that I need not hold info in my mind but only go to the place where the answers are.
    LOL! I bet I rambled again!
    Many Blessings!

  15. I feel it is an obligation to tell others of something good. If you knew of an herb that would cure baldness you would tell all your bald friends, delicately.
    If you find a wonderful restaurant do you not tell all your friends? Does it take away from you or add to you when your friends and you go together to eat at that new restaurant?
    Sharing insight and knowledge enriches both the recipient and the on who shares..

  16. I am never troubled by fear of anyone mistaking me for an awakened one. So far, I’ve never been accused of that.

  17. anyone who is guided by, and loves the wisdom of God, is happy to share this wisdom ,because of the peace it has brought that soul,.and also that same person knows that its not THEIR truth but only the truth of the only one who is truth,and that is God Himself .and He alone can apply that truth to the soul of anyone. we can speak that truth,but only He can apply it to the heart of that person.and Gods power is inexhaustible.so that refutes the first part of you diatribe.;noun;bitter,sharply abusive,denunciation,attach.and we don’t keep it to ourselves ,because we have a love for our brothers and sisters,that they to would have peace .God commands this ,that we love one another.and in my mind all your doing is showing how bitter and selfish you are .nothing more.

  18. I think knowledge should be shared. There has been too much information, lost and suppressed down through the ages already. How can you help others, if you do not share what you know with them? One is not sane, if he is not willing to help others…

  19. Because humans are innately good, they tend to care about people around them.
    If someone does it for ego boosting, then he is dependent on others for self esteem and that is hell.

  20. I like that quote a lot.
    If you find something that you believe can be used to make yourself a better person, there is a difference between hoping the same advice will help others and wanting to make yourself look smart.
    Thanks for sharing :] (((Kasey)))

  21. i do not have an ego, and the gifts that God has given me to help others is awesome. He picked me out of i do not know how many people to give the responsibility to. I am awed and honored. Many times I share what has happened to me to help others in the same situation, but definitely not to boost my ego. I love the Lord to much

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