What do you think of this pokemon team and what is the advantage of toxic orb?

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Armaldo- Leftovers
Brick Break
Stone Edge
Swords Dance
Breloom-Quick Claw
Focus Punch
Seed Bomb
Mach Punch
Gorebyss-Mystical Water ?
Baton Pass
Iron Defence
Dusknoir- Leftovers
Night Shade
Mean Look
Togekiss- ???
Aura Sphere
Air Slash
Thunder Wave
Vespiquen- Leftovers
Attack Order
Defence Order
Heal Order
Power Gem
just assume their all level 100…

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jamie k

good, but gorebyss only has 1 attack, and what are the levels?


youve got some good pokemon but they arnt all so meant for fighting and u need to tell the levels also.


I sent you a rating on your team in your other thread. Apparently you disliked my comments and the comments of the other players.
The purpose of the Toxic Orb on Breloom: Breloom has 2 abilities. Poison Heal, and something else. If it is poison heal, by equipping a toxic orb, he will restore 12.5% of his HP every turn and not lose any. PLUS he is listed as having Poison, so he cannot become asleep, frozen, paralyzed, whatever….so it saves him from those moves.
If your breloom does not have the poison heal ability, get one that does. If you want my opinions you can check out your other thread again. ALso remember, you NEED to post EVs and Natures for any team to be good. Withtout them, any pokemon is garbage.


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