Home Discussion Forum What do you think of this definition of consciousness?

What do you think of this definition of consciousness?

I’ve become very interested in consciousness lately, and whether or not it truly exists and if so what it is.
I’ve come up with my own theory that stems from the cocktail party phenomenon – that we are able to hear our own name when engaged in separate conversation even though we aren’t attentive to anything else (that our name passes through the filter which leads to memory). I believe that consciousness can be described as anything that our brain is aware of, whether or not we are attentive to it or even realize that we are aware of it.


  1. I don’t find any flaws in your theory. Its very logically laid out.
    As to whether it is consciousness or not, I don’t know. I’m
    going to study it for a while.

  2. Ayn Rand said unequivocally that “A consciousness with nothing to be conscious of is a contradictions in terms.” She also said, “As far as can be ascertained, an infant’s sensory experience is an undifferentiated chaos. Discriminated awareness begins on the level of percepts.” http://aynrandlexicon.com/
    Two or more percepts creates a concept, and the concept of “me” or “I” is represented by your name. Cognitive science has demonstrated that our sub-conscious minds are aware of things that our conscious minds are not, because it requires so much effort to stay focused on “the important things” while leaving out the minutia. We use “discriminated awareness” to control that focus.
    We cannot be aware that X quietly closed the bathroom door, when our heads are buried, in discriminated awareness, in a fascinating article in a magazine. Yet our consciousness in its entirety is aware of many things we have no “memory” of.
    We also seem to be discriminately aware of our own names.

  3. That’s a very basic psychological phenomenon. Part of why we recognize more sounds, words, and pictures than we can recall directly.

  4. i think what you are tossing around here are the concepts of perception and apperception. consciousness is simply our mind being aware. by being able to think you are conscious. by definition kali, you are conscious. i think the other concepts you are grappling with is the subconscious and the unconscious. the unconscious is not able to be perceived..we are not aware of it…this is the way that some people are able to randomly experience the paranormal and metaphysical. these often strange occurrences are indescribable and typically unable to be understood. as consciousness and awareness are raised through new ways of thinking and new avenues(neural networks) of processing our thoughts; we can then raise the threshold of our subconscious and the previously unknown thoughts of the subconscious are now conscious to us and we are then aware of them. in the same way when you raise consciousness you raise the subconscious which opens up more room to start processing the unconscious. so what we see is an evolution, or progression, of what we are able to perceive. the physical manifestations of this would be something like being able to see infrared light..or being able to consciously perceive weather or predict earthquakes…much like our K9 friends. The metaphysical manifestations of raising consciousness would be psychic channeling or being able to heal yourself and others with thought or defying the lower physical laws.

  5. But then anything with a brain would be considered conscious and that’s not what we generally mean. I thought you were going to say “attention” was consciousness. Often it’s defined as self-awareness.


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