What do you think of the upcoming london 2012 Oylmpic stadium?

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What do you think of the upcoming london 2012 Olympic stadium?
personally i don’t like the design of the stadium that much ,there’s nothing that much creative though that just my opinion .

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I think its gonna be better than Beijing one at least

Do you suck d_i_c_k_s?

bland, just like the brits. big surprise there.


lmao we’re far from bland idiot above who probably has never experienced britain

Jay (cynical)

Anything will be better than the stadium in Beijing which, when viewed from a distance looked like a rat’s nest, or a giant ball of rubber bands.

Black British

Its crap and im working on the olympic construction site its all gonna look ok but the stadium is just an average design nothing great just like London I think they like it plain


i think its actually pretty good. it has the feeling of the olympics and athletics rather than just some random hall of beijing and when yo look at the beijing one you wouldnt know if it was the olympics but when you look at the london it will remind you of the olympics because if the people running if you get what i mean?


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