• Seems to me too much of a coincidence than a near death experience describes much of what a baby would experience being born – regardless of whether it’s a c section. i’ve often thought that if a newborn was able to verbalise the senses and feelings involved during its own birth, it might well feel it was about to die. So is a near death experience a kind of ‘flashback’ to that birthing experience or is it something far more profound? Could it be that dying somehow equates to being reborn? Not sure if I believe in the soul but who knows, maybe such a forceful entity exists and therefore dying allows the cycle of life to be perpetuated. I am an enthusiastic agnostic and pretty skeptical by nature but i have a curiosity about this whole subject. Certainly beats talking about the weather!

  • Totally false. People who have cesarean delivery for their birth still see the tunnel and the light, some don’t see a light or a tunnel. Remembering birth has nothing to do with a near death experience.

  • your brain makes large amounts of DMT when you are born. it also makes it in a near death experience. it is possible that the high amount of DMT during death will cause a flashback of sorts, to the time when it was last flooding your brain. your theory is very interesting.

  • Perhaps.

    I’ve heard two interesting theories on the “tunnel of light” phenomenon.

    For the first, one must believe in some sort of reincarnation. The tunnel of light that one sees is not heaven or another celestial afterlife, but the outside world as you are coming out of the womb as an infant.

    The second is much more scientific. There is research to show that the eyes are the last things to quit working as one is dying. The other senses stop working, but the eyes take a bit longer to shut down. So, you can’t detect anything else from the outside world but that last bit of light entering your pupils as you die.

  • When I died briefly, it was nothing like whatever birth was (I don’t remember my birth). I was tired (before), then I felt nothing but peace (for the four minutes they were reviving me). That was all.
    No god. No satan. Just peace.

  • no , lots of cultures don’t have near death experiences. there was no such thing from my culture.

    people died before we have better medicine to take people back from lots of anesthesia.

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