Home Discussion Forum What do you think of the girl's name Amethyst?

What do you think of the girl's name Amethyst?

This isn’t one I am considering for my list. I’m more uncertain how I feel about it.
I actually just found out that a woman I knew as Amy is really named Amethyst, she just goes by Amy.
What do you think?
Thank you!


  1. the amethyst stone is beautiful. i don’t really like it as a persons name. i mean your friend calling herself amy says it all.

  2. I think it’s beautiful and different. So what if it’s not an expensive stone? *pokes ppl above her* It’s beautiful, and so is the name.

  3. Its some kind of diamond. The thought behind it is cute, just like Heaven spelled backwards, but I don’t like the way it sounds. :/

  4. I dont think the meth thing is a big deal, but maybe I’m wrong I havent really met any girls with this name. Its SO funny cause I actually have loved this as a name for a long time, Amy would be super cute good idea.

  5. Interesting, because Amethyst is a very out there and a little bit Wiccan, and Amy is very simple, american, and conservative. I’m not sure how a child would feel about it, but you should consider things like
    -What are some mean nicknames kids might call them?
    -What are some good alternative nicknames aside from amy?
    -What if my kid doesn’t share my style? Should I go more conservative like Crystal, or Jade?
    Stuff like that. And if you’ve answered all the questions and are still satisfied with Amethyst, then there ya have it!

  6. Not as appealing as the name Dirt, you can grow life from dirt, an Amethyst is nothing but a pretty stone that serves no purpose except to look pretty

  7. I completely understand why she goes by Amy. I would too if my parents were crazy enough to name me Amethyst. The stone is very pretty (it’s my birthstone), but as a name? No way.

  8. I do not like it at all, it sounds very trendy and sounds like something a hippie might name their child, I can’t blame the women for going by Amy as that is a much better name (course i’m a bit biased on that name, lol).
    – Amy

  9. My name is Amethyst and while people may have trouble pronouncing it at times I have never been teased about it, in fact I get a lot of compliments on what a pretty name it is. People who have trouble with the name usually call me Amy, Ame, or Ames and I have no problem with that. I love my name and wouldn’t trade it for another.


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