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What do you think of Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion". I now feel enlightened and free.?


  1. Deception ..suitable for those who are easily deceived.
    He is a typical example of anti-God intolerance and fullfilling this prophecy:
    “…But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,deceiving and being deceived.” (II Tim. 3:12)

  2. Sorry to say but if that is all you got, you are far from enlightened and free.
    Dawkins is loved by athei-tweens yet disliked by the atheist intellects.
    Bill Maher on Richard Dawkins, “he has more dogma than any religion”. That says it all.

  3. Good for you. I was an atheist before I read is book but it gave me some more insight into the workings of what people think atheists.
    @ Marianne Liz, IRev. Albert Einstein: What ever happened to, “Judge not lest ye be judged?”
    @ lkd: Such as…?

  4. It was mildly entertaining, but parts of it were a bit dry.
    I feel the same way about the Bible, so it’s all about perspective.

  5. i think he is a pompous ass that makes some very logical and realistic and sound arguments against the delusion that people suffer from.
    i don’t buy into everything he says, and i think he lacks a basic understanding of human social dealings in his expectations of how humans should just “drop” religion, because of his arguments, but he is a very intelligent individual who makes sound arguments in that book that most of which will stump theists for centuries to come.

  6. Try also reading something like ‘The dawkins delusion’ by Alister McGrath to get a more balanced picture.
    Dawkins writes very well, but his logic is flawed in many places. He writes as if he were an expert on many things in which he is far from being an expert.

  7. not sure why but I enjoyed it more than
    God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens.
    Both books helped reinforce my beliefs.

  8. Pompous. Very, very boring. Uses the same argument forms he castigates in others.
    Not worth the money.
    (And no, I’m not a Christian.)

  9. Got it,
    Its only his opinion, he is not a Messiah.
    a bit to bias.
    Would love him to put as much energy into possibilities of God, then dismissing it.

  10. It’s a really good book: well-written, engaging, thought provoking.
    I may not agree with everything but it’s one of my favorite books.
    And Dawkins is a great speaker too.
    Can’t wait to attend another presentation of his.

  11. I haven’t believed in God for 40 years, and many of my reasons were in that book, as well as the more scientific explanations that I wouldn’t have known about.
    I’m actually in the middle of my second reading of it right now (after first reading it a few years ago).
    Here in the UK there’s no fear of letting people know you don’t believe. All the same, someone like Richard Dawkins makes it sound positively virtuous not to.

  12. who has got time to waste filling their heads with useless knowledge ?
    if mr. dawkins would sooner be dead forever instead of live forever then that is his choice.don’t let yourself be fooled into holding hands with him while “dancing into the fire ” just to make satan happy to have company.

  13. Actually, Richard Dawkins doesn’t know anything about religion.
    I read the Book and there are so many false statements, even about proven(historical etc) facts.
    Although I’m catholic, I can look at it from a neutral point and say that nothing is true.
    Even in sunday school you learn basic facts, which Dawkins gets wrong in his book.

  14. What I find more spectacularly interesting is that you are using a vocabulary normally associated to the “spiritual/religious” to express your view on this particular secular book.The idea of being”enlightened”as you put it,is paradoxically very much against the empirical scientific approach so dear to intelligent atheists in general,and Dawkins in particular.
    This said,
    welcome to the “Church of Dawkins”.

  15. How can you be enlightened and free ? When you have no hope for the future. Your way of thinking is like all atheists philosophers. Let’s drink, eat, and be merry, for tomorrow we may or shall die.

  16. It is an excellent introduction to Atheism. Though I would say ‘The God Delusion’ isn’t best of Richard Dawkin’s books.
    If you really feel enlightened after God Delusion, you should try reading his books in the below order for better understanding.
    1. Selfish Gene
    2. River out of Eden
    3. The blind watchmaker
    4. Climbing the Mount Improbable
    5. Ancestor’s tale
    6. Unweaving the rainbow


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