What do you think of reincarnation ?

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not reincarnating from human to animal or anything else because that is stupidity . but reincarnating from human to another after death … please give me your opinion ?

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im 12 and what is this?

Micky Deane

Nah I am coming back as a tin of condensed milk


Well, I’m a Christian so I don’t really believe in reincarnation. I believe that we go to heaven/hell when we die and stay there. But i think reincarnation would be really really awesome because you would have gotten to live in all those other time periods!

Epona Willow

I am open to the possibility.
I believe that we live many lifetimes so our soul learns and grows.


Personally, I don’t believe in it. I believe in the word of God, which says its appointed unto man once to die and after this is the judgment.


I find the concept terrifying, to have to go through this again would be awful.


Well this is my own personal belief (:
I believe our soul is age-less and gender-less.
Once we die our souls take a rest in the Otherworld until we’re ready to begin a new life.
This keeps on going until our soul is “perfected”, meaning if your soul keeps lying and lying in each life, and thats the only imperfect thing about it, the only way to become perfect is to live a life where you are honest.
Once that happens you can gain access to the upper realm to enjoy the rest of eternity.
But if your soul was evil, and im not talking about a minor sin, I’m talking about if you’ve killed or done things on that level, your sent down to the lowest realm with all the other bad souls because you offer nothing positive to your next reincarnation.


If humans reincarnated into another human life after death the ratio of death would be the same as the ratio of births… think about it.
by the way, I doubt the birth/death ratios are the same.

Vintage Barbie

Souls do not exist (i.e. consciousness does not transcend death). Therefore, concepts of life after death (reincarnation, heaven and hell, etc.) are null.


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If Buddhists deny the existence of an individual self, how can they believe in reincarnation?

Who would be reincarnated? Can someone please explain the concepts of samsara and nirvana to me?!

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