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What do you think of REIKI healing methods?


  1. It really depends on how “energetic” you are and how “energetic” the Reiki practitioner is. Mind over matter is huge and a focused direction by another individual can be very powerful. I am a massage therapist who went to school with a Reiki practitioner and she was very helpful in a lot of situations. However, combining these methods with traditional medicine is just a double layer of healthy work. It’s all good for you and at the very least may help you to feel less stress about what is happening.

  2. My father is a reiki master and despite usually being very skeptical about these sorts of things, the fact of the matter is he has performed reiki on me and it does work. Its the weirdest most peaceful, almost trancendent feeling, very pleasnat and relaxing; even if it merely relaxes you enough to let your body repair itself than that is a good thing.
    I wouldn’y suggest abandoning modern medicine but the two methods can work together for sure.
    Phil 🙂

  3. Reiki principles are based on lies and implies that we are all-mighty and that is not the case, ’cause the All-Mighty One is GOD.

  4. depends on the complains;
    if its used to treat a sickness its useless, but for relaxation it can work very well.

  5. It’s great. Please ignore any religious freaks who answer. Reiki works, as long as you have the right person doing it.

  6. If you believe in the magic healing powers of elves and faeries, I think it will work wonders for you. The rest of us will stick with real doctors for real problems.

  7. I depends on the person it self. If you belief , then you doing great with it. It is working in your energiefield what is surrounding you. Yes go for it and have a few treatments and find out for yourself. But if you don’t belief in it,save your money

  8. Reiki has changed my life. You should try it, if some one charges too much money don’t bother, Reiki should be affordable or if you cant afford it the practitioner should treat you regardless.

  9. We need to clirify the meaning of the word “healing” first.
    Healing doesn’t means necesserely get rid of an illness or disease.
    If you have an illness is not the Rei-Ki that gets rid of it, your body does it naturally but Rei-Ki simply accelerate the process.
    On the other hands if your body doesn’t heal naturally for some reason, Rei-Ki accelerate the degenerative process while acting as a pain relief.
    In other words if someone is ending his life due to an illness, Rei-Ki can help to make him go more quickly but without pain.
    And finally, if you haven’t syntoms of an illness (yet) because it’s maybe in a dormant state, Rei-Ki can bring it to surfice so that the BODY can take action.

  10. Let me give you some examples from my own experience using Reiki:
    Endometriosis / Ovarian Cysts – had a 24 y/o client come to me with both conditions. She was scheduled for surgery in several months. She wanted to try alternative therapies before going under the knife. I preformed 10 sessions of Reiki combined with pelvic massage and meridian therapies. After these 10 sessions, she was clear of her conditions.
    Chemo – a very good friend of mine had cancer that was treated with Chemo. The Chemo was making her very very sick. I used Reiki on her before and after the Chemo treatments. She had said that her condition was much improved after her Reiki sessions.
    Bee Stings – I’ve used Reiki on myself several times as first aid for bee stings. All three times, it took the pain away, the swelling went down, and the redness was localized to the sting area.
    Emotional Release – perhaps on of the most powerful results of a reiki treatment could be considered the emotional release. I worked with one woman who had abdominal pain that she described as ‘intense’. She had every medical test that could be prescribed – all of the results came back as nothing wrong. When I worked with her using Reiki, she began to cry and wail uncontrollably. The Reiki had contacted an area in her body where she stored emotional trauma that built up over time. After about 10 sessions, the intense pain was gone, and, she only had mild depression when i worked on that area.
    Migraine Headaches – I have treated several people who suffered from migraines. Most of them reported that the pain was drastically reduced or went away.
    Common Cold – one student of mine came to class with a common cold. I used Reiki Reiki on her. She said it was the first time she could breathe through her nose in 4 days.
    It is also reassuring to see Universities and clinics studying the effects of Reiki:
    -Boston University School of Medicine
    -Stanford University
    -Colorado University
    And many hospitals either have staff trained in Reiki, or, have Reiki practitioners available through complimentary medical programs:
    Reiki is already used in several hospitals for cancer patients:
    -Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon, NH),
    -Integrative Medicine Outpatient Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY),
    -Intergative Therapies Program for Children with Cancer at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (New York, NY),
    -Metropolitan South Health Center (“Direccion de Servicios Metropolitano Sur”, Santiago, Chile).
    Used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, Reiki is reported to ease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, improve immune function, ease anxiety and enhance positive emotional attitude, decrease pain and promote relaxation.
    Reiki is also used in these following Hospitals:
    -Mercy Hospital (Portland, ME),
    -Willcox Memorial Hospital (Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii),
    -Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University Hospital (Washington, D.C.),
    -Samuels Center for Comprehensive Care at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center (New York, NY),
    -Siloam (Philadelphia, PA),
    -Tucson Medical Center (AZ),
    -California Pacific Medical Center (CA),
    -Portsmouth Regional Hospital (NH),
    -Marin General Hospital (CA),
    -University of Michigan Hospital (MI),
    -Foote Hospital (MI),
    -The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital (NY)
    -Somerset Hospital Center for Health (PA)
    -Allegheny General (PA)
    -The Cleveland Clinic was recently awarded a $250,000 federal grant to study the effect of Reiki on cancer patients.
    -Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York is using Reiki as a complement to treatment.
    -The Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) Medical School, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Marian General Hospital, and the California Pacific Medical Center all offer Reiki to their patients.
    -There is a Reiki clinic at the Tucson Medical Center in Arizona, Reiki is used at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire
    -In Cleveland, hospitals are considering setting up a Reiki clinic.
    -In Vermont, there is already a Complementary Medicine clinic at Windsor Hospital where Reiki practitioners are working.
    -A recent newspaper article indicates that there are at least 65 Reiki practitioners among the doctors and nurses at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
    Reiki is subtle yet powerful. It works. I truly love it and love to share it.

  11. I absolutely do..
    I always was very sceptic about it, untill I experienced it and started doing research into it..
    Now, years later, I am a Reiki Master myself..
    Perhaps a previous anwer I gave to someone might give you some ideas about Reiki…..
    Does Reiki work or exist? That answer I can even proof(!) to you…
    What do you do when you hurt your toe? You rub it and hold it in your hand right?
    When a kid is hurt or cries, where does mommy have her hand? 9 of the 10 times on the back of the kid near the kidneys.. This gives relaxation..
    This is just 2 of the millions of examples.. Everyone has Reiki already believe it or not..
    During the centuries humans just forgot how to use it/guide it, but it’s still there waiting for you to re-discover..
    Reiki classes can help with that…
    Some people do not experience anything when Reiki is given to them.. There might be 2 reasons: The person does not believe in it and does not want to except the existance of it. Therefore he/she will block the energy so it will not come through.. (Reiki givers cannot force Reiki on someone ever!)..
    Another reason is one I could not explain to be honest, but do experience myself as well.. I am a Reiki master for a few years now and never have experience any feelings with it what-so-ever.. Once I do give Reiki treatments, a lot of people do experience it.. Knowing this plus the fact that a lot of people are helped by it, is enough to convince me it’s there..
    I must aware you that there’s a lot not-decent people out there that pretent they do Reiki and ask big money for a treatment.. All people that have the Usui Reiki will agree that we do not charge for Reiki, only for the time we spend with the “patient”..
    A good way to know for sure you’re dealing with a good Reiki person, is to ask to see their certificate (it does not mean a lot, but it helps) and ask them if they are connected the Reiki Aliance.. If they are you know for sure you’re not dealing with a “con artist”.. However this does not mean that some of them who are not with the Reiki Aliance are “con artists”.. There are also a lot of good ones out there…
    To make things short:
    Try it out a few times, goto one of the “open” meetings/introduction days where you can get a little familliar with Reiki for free.. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep in mind if you don’t open yourself for it, it will never work..
    One more thing: A Reiki practisioner is NOT a doctor.. With serious issues ALWAYS goto a doctor for it, but Reiki can absolutely help the healing process..
    Good luck and if you have any questions, e-mail me.. I’ll be glad to help you..


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