Home Discussion Forum What do you think of pet psychiatrists?

What do you think of pet psychiatrists?

Just your thoughts on pet psychiatrists and if they are doing their jobs right. Would you ever being your pet to one?


  1. Pet psychiatrists are for people who have shown their pets so much love, they want to kill their owners. Pet psychiatrists may be crazy, or may be exploiting idiots.

  2. I think their frauds, personally! One dog was barking andthe psychiatrist told t5he audience the dog was just angry! Anyone with half a brain could tell that! Duuuuhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. well, some people might like that. I personally don’t like animals enough to own one nor spend that kind of money on them.

  4. I think whoevers going to run around (pet psychiatrist) saying the horse is telling them this and the dog is telling them that, needs a psychiatrist themselves.
    I think they are full of it.

  5. i think if they are doing there jobs right then it’s good but i don’t think i would ever being my pet to one unless i change my mind!

  6. yes i would bring my pets into one. pet psychiastrist for when u can tell when ur pet is dpressed just by looking at it

  7. no! quacks fakes flakes scam artists frauds…don’t give them any money…no no no no(think I made my opinion clear)
    If you pet isn’t acting ‘right’, take him or her to the vet

  8. The same thing I think about human psychiatrists…They have no idea of real life…trust me. If human ones just take your words and use them against you – Then what in the world would a pet strink use.
    So my thoughts….They’re all funk’n gonuts.
    Major scam artist and nut jobs. I’m pretty sure most of you can tell when your pet is depressed and angry. How in the world did these fakes get a license in the first place.

  9. Hey,
    I think it’s a great idea and i’m actually training myself to become one later on. The amount of animals that get depressed, etc. is just amazing and they need the same kind of help as people do and they need people who can understand them. I have actually been called an animal whisperer at times and i get along with all animals really, really well so i really want to do what i can to give them a helping paw so to speak.


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