What do you think of my wacky beliefs? Best answer goes to whoever teaches something about the facts of life?

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READ IT ALL YOU PUSSY!!! jk its kinda long and pointless if you arn’t interested in peoples beliefs but here it is. Don’t call them wacky though.. be creative in your criticism.
This is not a new ideology.. it has been around for as long as humans have been around. I just want to know what people think… im not here to preach.. im here to express my views and in turn receive criticism. Should i find any of the criticism to have merit or constructive value, i will evolve my ideas.
lol ok.. all the religious folk and especially atheists are gonna eat me for breakfast over this (especially since my views on religiosity like any theist are not backed with anything scientific) but im a pagan i suppose.. and i had what some would call a “spiritual experience” (though i don’t like calling it that) through what is known as “temporary ego death” which many have experienced throughout human history. This very personal experience affirmed and led me to the main points of this ideology. I believe in what Einstein, hindus, Buddhists, various artists, other minor religious groups and philosophies throughout history entail which is that in the ultimate reality there is only unity, and that the separateness of duality in our personal experiences is nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion. It is a necessary illusion to which we must abide in order to exist as individual entities but it is an illusion none the less. I believe that once we collectively become aware of the illusion we will know the true purpose of our humanity and that is to mentally evolve further from the animals by means of awarness, eternal reverence and empathy and hence maximizing our humanity. We should treat others as if they were us because.. well.. (in my view) they are us. I believe (though the word “god” has been royally perverted throughout history, ill use it anyway) everything (or the universe in its entirety) is god and we (like any life form) are a small piece of it. Our true identity is god and so I am you, you are me, and we are both jesus or anyone. You are the one that has lived every life that ever has, is or will exist. See stand up comedian “Bill Hicks” he’ll tell ya how it is lol.
Also if any george carlin fans are reading this… don’t take my beliefs the wrong way (though that can easily happen since George Carlin never mentioned unity and such) because i believe our views are the same.. the difference is that what i call “god” is what he called “the big electron”
“I believe we are part of a greater wisdom which we will never fully understand.. a higher order.. call it what you want.. you know what i call it… the big electron… whoaw…..whoaw” – George Carlin RIP
Just my subjective view on reality which (just like anyone else) is based on my personal experiences. I know none of my beliefs are backed with scientific verity which will always lead atheists into saying “well then your inevitably jumping to conclusions based on an emotional attachment to an experience”. Though this may be true i will believe what I clearly yet subjectively saw as an individual until it is proved wrong which it wont. I believe i have had a personal experience that showed me what exists beyond human perception.. its as simple as that.. it was a subjective experience which is why i don’t go around parading saying i am 100% right and everyone else is wrong. However i do believe my experience benefited me and i do believe my current perception of reality is beneficial to humanity. I highly recommend you research “ego death” if you are interested at all though i know most wont be lol. Ill leave you with a quote from an epic song from one of my favorite new age bands “System of a Down”
“Life is a waterfall, we’re one in the river and one again after the fall”
First 3 answers are pussy a$$ lol
@ Rocket – Well you slightly redeemed yourself lol 🙂

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Sorry, but I prefer sheep.


Your interpretation of spirituality and meaning in the universe is meaningless to me. That doesn’t mean I dislike it.
You’ve got a fairly benign world view that I can’t complain about. You’ve said nothing of killing people who don’t believe like you and nothing of eternal torture for people who doubt you, so i like you more than I like Christians as far as a general attitude toward the beliefs.
Interesting to say the least, but IMO, meaningless.
Why? Well my appraisal of a belief system is how useful it is, what it helps us know about the universe, and what it helps us predict. I think a degree in neuroscience would tell us far more about the human mind than your concept of ‘spiritual experiences’ or ‘ego death’. A degree in social sciences will tell you far more about human unity, empathy and humanity.
Wild speculation about how our universe, our minds, and our societies work is no substitute for a good education. I’d say you need a Philosophy Doctorate and about 10 years working on the above paragraphs to have a meaningful philosophy of life…and even then, meaningful does not equal true.
I’ll add that I think there -could- be something to meditation and ‘spiritual experience’ but it can only be properly understood through neuroscience. It can be accessed and utilized through spiritual means, but not understood.
Lastly, I’m not sure what your perception of Einstein’s beliefs is in particular, but I’ll clarify one thing – Einstein mentions God a few times, but clarifies what he means by stating that he believes in ‘Spinoza’s God’. Some reading and insight will tell you that ‘Spinoza’s God’ isn’t really a God, per se, but a word used to describe the ‘beauty, magesty and mystery of the universe’ – it is not really God in a literal sense. Perhaps this is your appraisal, but from the context it was unclear.
I don’t half-a$$ many of my answers. Glad you feel I slightly redeemed myself.

No religion. Know God.

Don’t believe everything you think.

son of God

You are close. Be still and know. Learn how to be still and know!


I don’t see much difference between your views and those of Buddhists. In the terminology if Zen, what you call “temporary ego death” is called “Kensho,” (Rough Translation: “Seeing into original nature”).
EDIT: for someone who believes in “eternal reverence and empathy and hence maximizing our humanity,” you certainly have a confrontational attitude in your comments. How do you rationalize this?

Hawaii sponger

read it.
Yeah, i actually think along similar lines. Not exact as written (but that would all need to be reconciled and clarified anyway)
the only nerd-a$s input that I’ll throw in is that there is the aspect of our current limited awareness – this would make it tough to be certain of whats at the other side of the rainbow (hope you follow) until it was restored.
But yeah. Smells like you have a similar metaphysical taste to my own. There arent that many people around who actively dicuss that kinda stuff…so …. cheers.
yeah…. uh…. yeah…. thats a pretty good viewpoint in my estimation.

guava s my name juice s my game

This sounds a lot like Tao. from what i’ve read of it. Its related to all being one and things we see being an illusion. it teaches that you have to step out of the box and not to let emotions get the best of you b/c its like we are the directors of the movie. i cant get very elaborate with my answer, but i do know where you’re coming from with this. the concepts are interesting, but i still believe in Jesus & God after all is said and done.


I like your theory/belief. When we live life within our Ego, we perceive ourselves as individuals, separated from an external reality consisting of four levels of life (The inanimate, vegetative, animate, and Human levels). When we manage to rise above our Ego, we gain the ability to perceive a whole, unified reality that has no end. To do this, we have to change our Internal operating system of Egoism, into Altruism, which is actually the purpose of our existence in this world.
The reality we currently perceive is actually a single, unified force, operating to develop us to become similar to It (Unconditional Altruism). Any form suffering we experience in our life is due to our opposition to this Altruistic phenomena that pushes us to change ourselves. Due to our Egoistic nature, we perceive this Force as various people/events. We can’t comprehend the purpose behind the events in our lives, because we live in a world of consequences, not outcomes.
When we rise above our Ego, we enter an infinite reality, where we can perceive the blueprint behind the purpose of this physical world. If you are interested, the links below will direct you to the Ancient scientific method that allows us to experience the meaning of life, and the infinite reality that exists outside of our Ego:


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