What do you think of my Seven Levels of (self)?





by Michael:

Let’s cut straight to the five most advanced Levels:
Aspirant-level: People here are learning about the value of Love and Peace. People here
live for friendship, they develop music, the arts, have good careers + develop charity drives.
Industrial-level: slighty more advanced, industrial represents expansion of the intellect.
People here become scientists, analysts, inventors, politicians, and own succesful businesses.
Disciple-level: represents an inward drive towards Self. People here study chakras, astrology, telepathy/channeling, magick, ghost-hunting, past-life regression and the like. Alien contact occurs here. Kabalah, paganism, aeseticism, buddhism, free-masonry, and other secret societies are disciple-level religions. Environemental Awareness. Energy-Healing. Intent based holograms are taught here.
and then there are more advanced Levels:
Initiate-level. is marked by exorcisms. In Initiate-level we learn to face Satan
and the Dark Forces head on as well as how to astral-travel to other planets.
Master-level: a Master can Teleport, Levitate, Dematerialize, walk on Water, walk through Fire.
Your thoughts?

Answer by Micah Thompson
Very interesting. Why, may I ask, is Satan the bad guy here? Is it not true that the name Satan is derived from the ancient Sanskrit Sat, or wisdom/knowledge? And Lucifer is Latin for The Light Bringer. Other than that, your Seven Levels sound intriguingly like the Chakra concept, that has been thought about a bit too much. Check out a religion called Spiritual Satanism. All of these abilities and others await… Seriously, though, check it out.


  1. 93,
    Shallow and uneducated as to what attainment is.
    I’ve seen this several times, and I find it sad that they end with a slew of powers that imply the individual has failed.
    93 93/93

  2. These are not levels.
    These are various personalities which we are born with.
    Master level that mentioned is of a dream personality.

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