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What do you think of my set of beliefs here?

Its kinda long and pointless if you arn’t interested in peoples beliefs but here it is.
This is not a new ideology.. it has been around for as long as humans have been around. I just want to know what people think… im not here to preach.. im here to express my views and in turn receive criticism. Should i find any of the criticism to have merit or constructive value, i will evolve my ideas.
lol ok.. all the religious folk and especially atheists are gonna eat me for breakfast over this (especially since my views on religiosity like any theist are not backed with anything scientific) but im a pagan i suppose.. and i had what some would call a “spiritual experience” (though i don’t like calling it that) through what is known as “temporary ego death” which many have experienced throughout human history. This very personal experience affirmed and led me to the main points of this ideology. I believe in what Einstein, hindus, Buddhists, various artists, other minor religious groups and philosophies throughout history entail which is that in the ultimate reality there is only unity, and that the separateness of duality in our personal experiences is nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion. It is a necessary illusion to which we must abide in order to exist as individual entities but it is an illusion none the less. I believe that once we collectively become aware of the illusion we will know the true purpose of our humanity and that is to mentally evolve further from the animals by means of awarness, eternal reverence and empathy and hence maximizing our humanity. We should treat others as if they were us because.. well.. (in my view) they are us. I believe (though the word “god” has been royally perverted throughout history, ill use it anyway) everything (or the universe in its entirety) is god and we (like any life form) are a small piece of it. Our true identity is god and so I am you, you are me, and we are both jesus or anyone. You are the one that has lived every life that ever has, is or will exist. See stand up comedian “Bill Hicks” he’ll tell ya how it is lol.
Also if any george carlin fans are reading this… don’t take my beliefs the wrong way (though that can easily happen since George Carlin never mentioned unity and such) because i believe our views are the same.. the difference is that what i call “god” is what he called “the big electron”
“I believe we are part of a greater wisdom which we will never fully understand.. a higher order.. call it what you want.. you know what i call it… the big electron… whoaw…..whoaw” – George Carlin RIP
Just my subjective view on reality which (just like anyone else) is based on my personal experiences. I know none of my beliefs are backed with scientific verity which will always lead atheists into saying “well then your inevitably jumping to conclusions based on an emotional attachment to an experience”. Though this may be true i will believe what I clearly yet subjectively saw as an individual until it is proved wrong which it wont. I believe i have had a personal experience that showed me what exists beyond human perception.. its as simple as that.. it was a subjective experience which is why i don’t go around parading saying i am 100% right and everyone else is wrong. However i do believe my experience benefited me and i do believe my current perception of reality is beneficial to humanity. I highly recommend you research “ego death” if you are interested at all though i know most wont be lol. Ill leave you with a quote from an epic song from one of my favorite new age bands “System of a Down”
“Life is a waterfall, we’re one in the river and one again after the fall”


  1. Never heard of “ego death” but your perspective is good. Walking to the truth.
    Only thing is humans have been never animals.

  2. I’m going to take a shot at this and hope my thoughts form some viable concepts. In the sense of time and space we are indeed equivalent to a spec of dust, and how could something so minute be thought of as something with a multitude of individual consciousness and characteristics.You say though that you believe Einstein makes sense in your system of beliefs.Einstein’s most famous theory,the Theory of Relativity, lends credence to the possibility that we are more than that. Perhaps our world is the center of all that exists. Perhaps this spec of dust is the nucleus of the entire time and space continuum. Perhaps the end of time and space ends up right back here. Perhaps not. But how can all that is in our world be of no individuality if any form of spiritualism exists? Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, and others, of which you claim to find some merit in, are of absolutely no consequence if we are but one inane body of existence. Although I will say that I believe that there is a oneness within the soul of humanity, That soul is enriched and nurtured by the sum of it’s different parts. I don’t know how well this addresses your thoughts, as I came up with this on the fly,but I hope that there may be a viable thought in there somewhere. By the way, George Carlin also asked “If God is all powerful, can he make a rock so big that even He can’t lift it?” Who knows,but it’s a beautiful day and we should be sure not to miss it!


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