What do you think of my pokemon team?

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gengar- shadow ball hypnosis destiny bond substitute
Milotic- surf recover ice beam toxic
Porygon- ice beam thunderbolt tri attack nasty plot
Garchomp- earthquake dragon claw brick break swords dance
Spiritomb- psychic dark pulse hypnosis shadow sneak
Azelf- thunderbolt flamethrower uturn psychic

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i like it except for azelf, but what level is your gengar? if he’s strong enough he probably doesn’t need destiny bond.

Corey S

your Pokemon team is a good strong team but 1 of the strongest Pokemon u can train is the 1 u start with so if u can train it high enough and then switch it, it might actually help your team greatly to your advantage so look into it but only if u want to take my word


Get that Porygon evolving.

Steven S

It is pretty good but I have an action replay and it gives me cheat codes and I have some things like copy Pokemon and all Pokemon are shiny and a whole lot of other cheats so you should get one and then to get some good codes go to supercheats.com and codejunkies.com to put in extra codes and if you have any more questions than just ask me!


Since you taught your Gengar Hypnosis then teach it Dream Eater.
You have to get rid of Brick Break from Garchomp and teach it Giga Impact. Get rid of Dragon Claw and teach it Dragon Pulse. for Swords Dance you choose to keep it or teach it Dragon Dance.


Not bad…

JOB 08

Go onto this website and challenge the gym leaders that will tell you


Your missing a few types like grass and flying and there is overlap in other types such as ghost, phychic and ice. Maybe you should try to balance it out. I wouldn’t have Azelf in the team because its legendary and if you include legendary pokemon, where is the challenge?


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