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What Do You Think Of My Poem: Cosmic Fingerprints?

Every man’s goal is to find fingerprints
And to locate evidence of design
We scour or world looking through science
A colliediscope that we created
We shift lies and truth till they mix in one
Abominations that we call logic
And soon our open minds clash with hard hearts
While whistleblowers are lost in the boom
We are nothing but self-aware statues
With consciousness as our greatest folly
We guard our hearts from inward inspection
Resistant and reluctant to reveal
The fingerprints that lie within our soul
Humans never question how we can love
When the surrounding world lies masked in hate
We never stop to ponder what we are
Are we a group of atoms bound within
Our own finite bodies in space and time
The cosmic blueprint lies not in the stars
But it is found in who we are


  1. Well…
    Its a really nice piece of poetry with niice use of words & their sequence
    Data provided is also up to the mark
    Only I do think tht its a bit leangthy of words…
    If u could shorten it a bit breadth wise it would ve been a magnificient


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