What do you think of my new better pokemon team?

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Any suggestions? Need item suggestions if can please.
All level 100.
Electivire ev 255 attack, 255 speed
Cross Chop
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Milotic ev 255 special attack, 255 speed
Ice Beam
Dragon pulse
Rest (holding chesto berry)
Gardevoir ev 255 speed, 255 special attack
Shadow ball
Focus Blast
Infernape ev 170 special atk, 170 atk, 170 speed
Brick Break
Thunder Punch
Gengar ev 255 Special attack, 255 speed
Shadow ball
Destiny Bond
Garchomp ev 255 attack, 127 speed, 127 special def
swords dance
rock slide
dragon claw
oh and not accepting earthquake for garchomp either, sorry 🙂
any suggestions/advice?

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cool! 9/10 and just change ur gengar’s nightmare to dream eater and take away garchomps sword dance and get fire blast of flamethrower and take off rest and replace with blizzard or hydro pump ( or surf water pulse).


and then your game screws up and explodes!

Ian W

You messed up the whole point of Milotic, being a better wall than offensive type. It should be raised 170 in Def, Sp Def, and HP, and give it recover instead of rest.


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