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The 4 Levels of conciousness on Earth: (actually, there are 6, but I havent finished)
This is the first level where people are beginning to understand the nature of self-less Love. Aspirants have advanced jobs, have good credit own their homes- as well as create outreach programs and systems of law to help the evolution of society because for the first time, their motivation is to live in peace with their fellow Man. However, Aspirants are still heavily chained to their emotions so they are easily seduced and do not feel truly alive unless they are living ‘life to fullest.’ This can be seen, as their family often serves as their highest commitment in Life. Countries that have their government based in Democracy are Aspirant level people. When everyone reaches this level, we will have worldpeace
This is the disgruntled, spiritual-seaking level of Humanity. They travel from workshop to workshop thinking they are a ‘on a mission’ and are driven by the need to KNOW. Spiritual Zealots abound here: Im an angel, E.T. abductees, indigo children and the like. Others become succesful businessman, inventors, dualists, globalists, environmental advocates or even politicians. This level is also the beginning of psychic development. Studies in aura reading, past lives, yoga, magic, telepathy channeling, and the like become the accepted way of life for the Disciple.
Enlightenment dawns during Initiate-level, and for the first time you realize all the problems in the world represent a problem within yourself. You are set on Fire and that Fire cannot go out because an Initiate can make 100x more spiritual progress than people in the lowers levels. More of our spiritual powers begin to manifest and we often have visits from angels here in physical form. Of course, as wonderful as this world is, we must still deal with the Dark Forces who seek to impede our progress. In Initiate-level we learn to deal with the Dark Forces directly. Service is also a key aspect for the Initiate. Here, we see tha emergence of a saint or boddhisattva who work tirelessly to bring out the best in others. Initiates are no longer doing charity work or donating to various groups, they have devoted their entire lives to the Salvation of Humanity
Master Level
Sages can walk through walls, Teleport at will, Shape-Shift, Time-travel, became invisible and more. They have dissolved their ‘I’ conciousness back into the void, so there is only ONE. Hence ‘I and the Father are One’. This syngergestic One-ness allows them to often be three or four hundred years old, thus guiding society along in its spiritual progress. Nothing is impossible for them. Everything they desire is manifested instantly from thought. Masters are what many people call ‘guardian angels.’ as they walk from all levels of humanity from tribal to Immortal.


  1. Whia!
    Although I yayaya have a different system to classified or whatever the whatever they are….. LOL
    Nice analysis, where you find that stuff?
    What name do you give this whole thing?

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