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What do you think of my dream with telepathy?

Check out the one about Baghdad and the one below it. Really strange.


  1. I have them ALL the time, but lately not that often… as you grow older, I guess you lose the touch (if you’re too stressed with other things)

  2. Hi friend,
    As I know, I can say tht the telepathy is possiable, but it needs practise, to learn telepathy, u ve to do this- 1st concentrate on any thing, without trying to close ur eyes, and u ve to leave, cigretes n alchohlic things which can increase d tempreator of ur body. listen tht practise is must. ok bye.

  3. i once had a dream of a baby in a river in India i pulled out baby layed it out on the ground,woke up went turn on the news sure enough a baby was saved by a fisherman.weird but i used to get them about just dead people that just died so i made my self stop,to weird for me

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