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What do you think of my crazy beliefs?

READ IT ALL I SAY!!! READ IT ALL!!! jk its kinda long and pointless if you arn’t interested in peoples beliefs but here it is. Don’t call them crazy though.. be creative in your criticism lol.
This is not a new ideology.. it has been around for as long as humans have been around. I just want to know what people think… im not here to preach.. im here to express my views and in turn receive criticism. Should i find any of the criticism to have merit or constructive value, i will evolve my ideas.
lol ok.. all the religious folk and especially atheists are gonna eat me for breakfast over this (especially since my views on religiosity like any theist are not backed with anything scientific) but im a pagan i suppose.. and i had what some would call a “spiritual experience” (though i don’t like calling it that) through what is known as “temporary ego death” which many have experienced throughout human history. This very personal experience affirmed and led me to the main points of this ideology. I believe in what Einstein, hindus, Buddhists, various artists, other minor religious groups and philosophies throughout history entail which is that in the ultimate reality there is only unity, and that the separateness of duality in our personal experiences is nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion. It is a necessary illusion to which we must abide in order to exist as individual entities but it is an illusion none the less. I believe that once we collectively become aware of the illusion we will know the true purpose of our humanity and that is to mentally evolve further from the animals by means of awarness, eternal reverence and empathy and hence maximizing our humanity. We should treat others as if they were us because.. well.. (in my view) they are us. I believe (though the word “god” has been royally perverted throughout history, ill use it anyway) everything (or the universe in its entirety) is god and we (like any life form) are a small piece of it. Our true identity is god and so I am you, you are me, and we are both jesus or anyone. You are the one that has lived every life that ever has, is or will exist. See stand up comedian “Bill Hicks” he’ll tell ya how it is lol.
Also if any george carlin fans are reading this… don’t take my beliefs the wrong way (though that can easily happen since George Carlin never mentioned unity and such) because i believe our views are the same.. the difference is that what i call “god” is what he called “the big electron”
“I believe we are part of a greater wisdom which we will never fully understand.. a higher order.. call it what you want.. you know what i call it… the big electron… whoaw…..whoaw” – George Carlin RIP
Just my subjective view on reality which (just like anyone else) is based on my personal experiences. I know none of my beliefs are backed with scientific verity which will always lead atheists into saying “well then your inevitably jumping to conclusions based on an emotional attachment to an experience”. Though this may be true i will believe what I clearly yet subjectively saw as an individual until it is proved wrong which it wont. I believe i have had a personal experience that showed me what exists beyond human perception.. its as simple as that.. it was a subjective experience which is why i don’t go around parading saying i am 100% right and everyone else is wrong. However i do believe my experience benefited me and i do believe my current perception of reality is beneficial to humanity. I highly recommend you research “ego death” if you are interested at all though i know most wont be lol. Ill leave you with a quote from an epic song from one of my favorite new age bands “System of a Down”
“Life is a waterfall, we’re one in the river and one again after the fall… Swimming through the void we hear the word, we lose ourselves but find it all”


  1. Your “crazy” beliefs aren’t crazy at all. It’s just important that you believe in something. Let it be “god”, or science, or the church of the sub genus. It’s not crazy. It’s only crazy when you believe in nothing. And no, that does not make you an atheist, just ignorant. So, it’s okay. Just keep this in mind, are you familiar with the Known Knowns, the Unknown Knowns and the Unknown Unknowns? Just keep that in mind and realize that anything is possible. Take care.

  2. To soften the blow:
    – You have obviously put quite a bit of thought into this… thats more than I can say for most people
    – I like the parts where you say “i don’t go around parading saying i am 100% right and everyone else is wrong” and “im not here to preach.. im here to express my views and in turn receive criticism. Should i find any of the criticism to have merit or constructive value, i will evolve my ideas.” They display the knowledge of one of what I think is a key idea reguarding religion. There is no possible way of knowing if you are right or wrong, so having flexible beliefs is very important. That is EXACTLY why I despise preaching. It not only displays arrogence in saying “I’m right and you will know it once I’m done”, but also displays extreme stubborn-ness in beliefs.
    The real criticism:
    – Would it do any good for me to say “your inevitably jumping to conclusions based on an emotional attachment to an experience”?
    – I am not implying anything by this, but be careful not to mold your beliefs into something easy and comforting to believe. I have found that almost all of the “crazies” when it comes to religion have simply chosen the most convenient and comforting things they can to believe.
    – you left out your beliefs on afterlife… agh, now I’m curious.
    – I understand what you are saying, but I would like to analyze the situation you mentioned that made you reach these conclusions…
    All in all, this seems about like any other religion to me in terms of credibility. Once again, I commend your unusual ability to accept that whatever you believe isn’t absoloutly un-changably true and everybody else knows it.

  3. I actually believe in parts this ideology more than others, though Atheism is not in itself a religion nor does it deny the existence of a singular/collective consciousness (ego death experience leads to the experience of a vast consciousness, this it the Singular Consciousness as described by Schrodinger), that interpretation of Atheism is more a modern and subverted one that brands Atheists as complete spiritual skeptics, when the original meaning is “without god/s”. I am an atheist with regards to Earth, but I am a believer in other spiritual ideals.
    My belief system does not disregard the Singular Consciousness, merely that the ‘connected’ feeling is not interpreted the same way in my own beliefs. As you say, there is no scientific backing for this beyond the experiences people can have whilst under the influence of LSD and other forms of drugs that helped a Shaman establish connections with the world. Funny note, the German term for the feeling you get on Ecstasy is “the feeling of being at one with everything” (I don’t know the word anymore, it’s a long compound word I will need to find out from house mate again).
    Because these are feelings, they are subjective and thus not taken into account for scientific argument. This also means one can interpret the response in more ways than ‘tapping into a collective pool of consciousness’. I do believe that humans share a collective consciousness and stem from it in a way, but the link is more like threads through beads.
    In effect, I believe in personal individuality, and the accumulation of life experience in reincarnation, and that to many, this is as important if not more so than their eternal spirituality. I think this also suggests rather than a centralized ‘belief’ that we’re individuals and thus have differing thoughts (since it does not take into account the true pathology of some events like the Holocaust), we instead in fact do have a core spun from threads of the vast consciousness, and are in fact part of the weave if you imagine the singular consciousness as a pattern or weaving with many beads that are connected and part of the whole, but are not aware of anything but the colored threads that make up the bead itself.
    The bead is conscious, but its consciousness is so ego-driven that it becomes impossible for the bead to be aware of the connection of the threads eternally. We feel the pull of them instinctively, we connect on cognitive levels more than people are willing to give credit for. Even those of us who disagree are able to form an understanding of how another person who disagree with us come to those conclusions (even if we believe they are wrong). All of this indicates some sort of connection, but I believe a ‘pool’ analogy makes it too easy to be argued on the grounds that it is so intangible. If it is a pool, and we return to it cycle by cycle and even by personal experience, something must be constantly driving us back to the far reaches of individuality and thought.
    This is how my belief system and theory was born and affirmed, in that we are all trapped in metaphorical ‘threads’, because these spreads are us, and we are it, but the beads we spin around ourselves cocoon us from the ultimate realization that we’re connected and we are the vast consciousness. It is not a separate thing from us, even though we believe we cannot touch it except under special circumstances, that is just another method by which our individuality has separated us from it.
    The ego-death experience could be said to unwind these beads for long enough that without the complications and cocooning of our own making we realize suddenly that we are connected, and by our connection we are free. We can travel in any part of this collective consciousness, but we do not because it is too vast, and we are afraid of losing the individuality of our desires in order to reach this state of ultimate peace.
    Religion and fashion all seek to fill this hole in their own ways, but they fulfill it still on a individualist ideal, in that the individual chooses what to believe and not believe even while they are sharing in a belief. None of those things can fill the emptiness left by being estranged from the collective consciousness (regardless of your interpretation, be it pool, thread, pyramid, river), but we believe for the moment that they can, and this lays to rest some of our questions, and allows us to get on with living in the material plane.


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