what do you think of meditation?

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here are my thoughts on it
and related videos
remember be nice and spread the love
(((((hugs to all beings)))))
meditation and prayer are different
no i have nothing i need to protect against

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Barack Osama

i like it
well since im hindu i try to practice it
sorry i could not see the videos because my speakers are broken

nothing without Jesus Christ.

Cleansing and enlightening. I’ve learned to appreciate prayer on a higher degree, however.


Meditation is under appreciated and over imitated.


meditation is very important because people need a way to relieve stress!


helps me to focus,clear my mind.

holly B

meditation including God is awesome!

Radhakrishna( prrkrishna)

Absolutely NOTHING.


Of course they are different. (((((hugs))))) Thank you.
Inner journeys are the true path to self/spirit and truth. Pure infinite love. Do you set up protection before you meditate?

Mr. Pink

Meditation always help me to get rid of stress. Meditation even helps me when i have a problem I just sit down close my eyes and watch the problem disappear. When I open my eyes. It’s amazing to feel nothing troubling me.


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