What do you think of Lao Tzu's take on life? Do you think it would work in our world?






  1. ~~~ uk ,,,, Sure it would ‘work’. But maintaining his example would surely make one standout among the norm. There are ascetics everywhere. They march to their own drummer.

  2. He had some great points… if you’re referring to the “Western world” philosophically… it does for some people, but you have to be able to let go of some Western philosophical concepts first, or at least have an open mind.

  3. I think Lao Tzu’s take on life works very well in our complicated world – it’s mainly that one needs to stand on one’s own feet, whatever happens. Balancing the forces in life, finding your feet again and again.

  4. Yes. Going with the flow in accord with the harmony of what is…not using force against force but only using a little at the appropriate time.
    Stress is one of the biggest hazards of the modern world – Taoism is the stress-free life.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  5. I like Lao Tzu (and Chuang Tze) but I’m not sure it would work that well in our modern world. Taoism is very quietist and not very interested in expansion and economic development.

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