what do you think of Anton LaVey's philosophies on life?

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He invented Satanism and opened the Church Of Satan
He doesnt believe in/worship the devil, but sees the “devil” in everyday man as something that the church looks down upon…such as the seven deadly sins where he argues all the seven deadly sins are factors in everyday life to some extent and without them you couldnt live…they are a motivational force.

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I respect his writings and his mind. i am not a big fan of his as a whole, but I do respect him


He was an idiot.


Interesting. He was overly theatrical though, and I’m always jealous of people with funny hats, so I would have been weary of him.

Heretic Savant

Strangely enough…I do agree with him insofar as the ideas that you have presented for this question (I am sure I would disagree with him on other issues, but I just can’t deny that he is right on this one).

tawaen, Incarnatrix of Evil

I agree with him on some points, and disagree with him on others. Personally, I can see where his version of Satanism would be a rewarding philosophical/religious path.
But it doesn’t work for me.

gary 7 infiltrator - AM

They make a lot of sense if you filter out the cheesy parent-shocking aspects of his writing. Honestly, he would have done better to leave out the gothy nonsense and just write his philosophies straight from the heart. He injected so much corny shock-value stuff into it that it’s hard to take some of it seriously at face value. And it IS philosophy worth taking seriously, so it’s too bad that it’s presented so weirdly.

Jakero Evigh

He didn’t INVENT Satanism. He just created a church for it. Its an atheistic Church anyway.
Traditional Satanism has been around a LOT longer. It even predates xianity and Judaism (although it was not called satanism at the time). Satan and the demons are the Pagan GODS of humanities various cultures. Just thought I’d clear that up.


Some of his ideas are quite sensible and could be taken on board by anyone. Perfectly ethically. Unfortunately a lot of the “satanists” you meet are angry teenage boys who haven’t got a clue what he meant.


i dont know what hell is trying to say !!!


You are correct! There was no Satanism, untill, Anton Szandor LaVey, codified it, and opened the Church of Satan, in 1966. Thus declaring the year one, or Anno Satanas. Shortly thereafter, Doctor LaVey had published his Satanic Bible, which is the bedrock of this powerful religion, and philosophy.
Satanism is a rational religion that promotes the carnal, rather the spiritual. Anton LaVey, is an iconoclast! His religion of rational self-interest resonated with me so strongly, that out of respect for Anton Szandor LaVey, I made the decision to affiliate with the Church of Satan.
Other peoples opinion will not matter when seeking out the Left Hand Path. To look for what others think of this great individual, you would need to look to Scholars, Psychologists, Men of Science, Entertainers, Actors, Police Officers, Soldiers, Doctors, Lawyers, these are the members of the Church of Satan..
Hail Anton Szandor LaVey!
Hail Satan!

Hell's Army Boston

First of all, no Anton LaVey did NOT create Satanism. He created Atheistic or “LaVeyan” Satanism. What we know know as Theistic, or “Traditional” Satanism has been around since the Dawn of Humanity, so I don’t know where tierinstinct is getting his information, but it doesn’t seem to be all that well researched. With that said, moving on…
I think there’s a good bit of wisdom about living life contained in the Satanic Bible, and though I’m primarily a Traditional Satanist, believing in Satan as a living, sentient deity, I can’t say I’m completely averse to the code of conduct and viewpoints on Society listed therein.
I, like a lot of LaVeyan’s I’ve met, believe in Humanity as “Gods of the Earth”, though I don’t believe we’re the only Gods in play in this Universe or any other. I’m also all for Indulgence over Abstinence, so long as that Indulgence doesn’t become unhealthy. Kind of like saying, “Induglence, not overindulgence”. Screw when you’re horny, act it when you’re angry, pig out when you feel you’ve earned it, etc. Just don’t let those things become all your life is. Yeah, sin is natural and shouldn’t be something we’re ashamed of, or feel the need to “confess”, but it shouldn’t be all there is to life. I’d also say the LaVeyan sentiment about Psychic Vampyrism is pretty accurate. When someone is doing that to me, I tend to sense it right away and shut it down before it gets out of hand. At the same time as I agree with a lot of their beliefs, I don’t think of Satan as the Xian “Devil”, and I also don’t believe he’s JUST a symbol. He is that among probably many other things the way I see it. And yeah, the Church does look down on the natural instincts in Human Nature, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that any institution that claims we’re not good enough as who we are naturally, that we should ignore our own nature and try to be what someone else wants us to be isn’t all that worth taking seriousely in the first place. Give me sh!t ratings all you want, people. It’s still true.
Ave Satanas!


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