What do you think of Aleister Crowley?

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Was he just a fool?

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Yes, he was just another goofy spiritual christian who believed in spiritual mumbo jumbo. He was a goof and so are his followers.

David M

Inverse of Jack Van Impe. A shameless charlatan and self-promoting pseudo-celebrity no more given to secret wisdom than your avergae plumber’s apprentice.

Feivel JPAA

I believe he was a charlatan.

Sivan S

He was a great pioneer of the occult.

Alexandre Nayle

Probably the most famous man of the 20th century. At least, I can’t think of anyone more famous than him.
Oh, wait! Michael Jackson!


You’re right.
He was a fool. A fool with ambition. A fool with followers. But a fool none the less.


He did more for the modern study of magick than any other person in history, whether that was good or bad depends on the individual. Personally, I think he was a broke, punk who did everything he could to satisfy his ego and in doing so gathered a bunch of idiots around him to provide him with the means to do so.
If you look at all of his rituals the ultimate recipient of all the “gathered power” or benefits or whatever, is Crowley himself. In fact, he adopted so many different magickal names so that he could place himself within each of those rituals as the one being invoked or the one the intent was directed towards.
He was just another charismatic freak with snake oil to sell.


Oh, no…I don’t think he was a fool at all. He was an expert self-promoter, and I don’t take much of what he said as being particularly truthful. But he did assemble the foundation for a profound and complex magickal system, which still has thousands of followers today. I do respect that.
You should understand that members of the OTO have no illusions about Crowley either; they celebrate his Lesser Feast (his birthday) each October 12th, and it’s essentially a Crowley roast; the catchphrase is “I wish Aleister was here to hear you say that!”


He was way beyond fool. In fact, I think he was the spiritual genius of the millenium. The apex among gurus. But, I think he didn’t express his thoughts in a way accessible to most.


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