What do you think of a Zen Buddhism/Taoism/Non-theistic paganism/science religious combination?

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It seems like the ultimate in reality connection to me. Zen to clear one’s personal perceptions, Taoism and non-theistic paganism to get in tune with the rhythms of the non-conscious parts of reality. And of course, science to understand it all without falling into superstition.

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Bearbones QMM

holy categorization batman!

Steely Dan

Better yet, science for all.

We've been eating Gamera!

I lean more towards Theravada Buddhism, but those are pretty much where I draw my religious beliefs from


It’s like a theistic cocktail lol. But it just might make more sense than all the other religions out there. Way to go 🙂


Never really warmed up to Paganism myself. What you describe is much like the skeptical tradition, a profound questioning of understanding, that is addressed with observation and reason. I happen to think very highly of this approach.

Lucifer's Kitty

Sounds logical, but try explaining it to your relatives. Or see if there already is a name for that type of religion.


in one of the passages of tao te ching lao tzu said that science brings no fruit.
does a cloud consider itself different from a mountain or a river? does a sand grain consider itself different from the sun?
then why do you consider yourself different from another? why do you ask whether a raindrop or an ocean is water?
good luck.

steve h

I don’t like the idea of mixing religion.
I’m an ape
Earth in my god
I am Earth
Made with star dust

Greg L

Buddhism already covers all of that except science. Science is still too immature and young to fully comprehend and explain many aspects in Buddhism.
Buddhism has been around for quite some time. It also covers a lot of what the ordinary day-to-day knowledge covers, i.e. heaven realms, ghost realms, reality, etc. Science has only started to pick up.
It is upside down to use science as the ultimate determination if Buddha spoke the truth or not. It’s utterly backwards.
Back then we did not know other planets existed. We could never have imagined what the other planets looked like. And right now, we are uncertain if there is life on other planets. Now let’s look at the progression of science in line with reality. While those OTHER planets existed for the longest time, science took how long to finally confirm the existence of other planets, let alone even figuring out just exactly how they look. We only recently finally sent a robot vehicle to Mars to take snapshots of the terrain.
It is like asking a 5th grade math student to try to explain calculus! Calculus is way beyond their comprehension, yet you ask a 5th grader to discuss calculus. BACKWARDS and UPSIDE DOWN!
Science CANNOT be used as determination of Buddhism. However, quantum physics has been used by a Dr. Doug Powers to explain phenomenon in Buddhism, and many other forms of science with Buddhism. Current knowledge and capabilities in science are not yet up to speed to cover everything in Buddhism, but it CAN discuss a few things here and there, just as how Dr. Powers has.
The main point is, Buddha discovered the way to enlightenment, opening his mind potential to maximum, thus seeing all these other realms, realizing how retributions and karma work, realizing and understanding phenomenon and nuomenon, etc. His knowledge and sight covered the entire expanse of existence and universe. Science has only come so far, and is naturally BEHIND everything, just as it took so long to finally even see other planets, let alone galaxy Z just recently. Science is still a baby.


Makes sense to me! I currently engage in some Buddhist practices, go to some Pagan rituals, pick up sundry other odds and ends here and there, and am something of a geek. Balance is good, and I’ve never found one philosophy that offered me *everything*. Being spiritually eclectic has worked out well for me; I hope it does for you too. 🙂


What do I think?
Hm. I think I can’t say it three times…fast! 🙂


That is exactly how I did it.
If it works for you, knock yourself out. You already know what you are doing, why ask us? We can’t tell you what is in your soul.


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