Home Discussion Forum What do you think of A Trace of Light - short poem?

What do you think of A Trace of Light – short poem?

A Trace of Light
by Victoria Tarrani
(c) 0906.11
Imagine an evergreen forest
with sweet music of a cellist
where fireflies dart about
near an altar for the devout
candles, flowers, food on aprons
wreaths tied around some flagons
water nearby, a place to meditate
on the depths of life and fate;
the serpent rises in your body
awakening you to the kundalini.
…..A lake clear as a silver mirror
…..who do you see in the center?
I never give thumbs down. I appreciate your time and talent as you read and critique my work. I don’t know who the troll is, but I hope trolldumb calls them back.


  1. i like this, i like this a lot
    the last two lines i love them
    it has a very nice feel to it, the forest and the lake, pretty
    very good

  2. It is beautifull and a demonstration of honed and defined raw tallent. you have onnnnnly grown and progressed in the last year or two and will only get better

  3. A ripple slowly stretching out
    eclipsing on the sheer silvery surface.
    Cool variegated light shimmering alongside
    like fairy dancing at the centre stage
    A trace of light diffusing
    as my soul soars above the evergreen .
    I am awakening
    I am attaining the stage of kundalini
    i am leaving all those earthly constrains.
    Thanks for the setting.

  4. Magic carpet ride, anyone?
    You capture the essence of a a vision as may be seen on a personal journey through others realms of consciousness. Your imagery and tone is ethereal and soothing. I have no complaints or suggestions.

  5. I could get caught up in the research about kundalini. I’m intrigued, thanks for the poem and the path. gg
    Your poem is almost a sonnet, but not quite. That seems to be a very good setup for the ultimate point in the last couplet.
    I see colors, fractals ever evolving.
    I had to look up kundalini to know what serpent would arise inside my body, because that sounds frightening.
    Yoga is one of the most explanatory ways to get information, and perhaps have the full experience of this awakening.
    I think I read somewhere, maybe in something you wrote even, but I’m not sure, that the kundalini is when your brain opens in new neurological paths and transmitters.
    This is a direct quote from the kundalini awakening site listed in sources.
    #2: Causing Ida and Pingala to flow evenly: The first step in Kundalini Awakening is balancing the flow of energy in Ida and Pingala. This means that equal amounts of Prana are flowing in the left and right sides. It is most readily evidenced by the breath flowing evenly in the two nostrils.


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