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What do you think is the most corruptible and controlling of all the religions?

Catholic, Islamic, Baptist, Witchcraft/Wiccan, Methodist, Jewish, Buddhist, Hinduism, Agnostic, Gnostic, Born again Christian, church of Christ, Mormon, shamanism, Jehovah witnesses
Here are just a few examples of religions if you can think of one that I did not mention please fill free to do so, thanks.
P.S. This is for an essay on religion


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    as far as I am concerned, I thought born again, church of christ, and baptist were all the same thing, or could be linked together.
    But I have to say Islamic. Nothing against my muslim people, but terrorism is all the rage.

  2. The one that makes people fly planes into buildings and blow themselves up in the name of “allah”.

  3. Every religion has corruptible and controlling aspects!
    But human beings don’t need a religion!
    They need a way to go to Heaven!
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    -John 14:6

  4. All religions, other than the Jewish religion, which was created by God, is made by man and is man’s attempt to please their gods and control other people. All religions have rules, rituals and laws to follow. Every religion believes that they have the answers for redemption. The answer for redemption through religion, lies within man’s ability to perfectly follow it’s teachings which man can not do. Jesus is the only one who followed religion perfectly.
    Jesus is God’s way to reach down to mankind with love, forgiveness, acceptance and grace. Jesus is not a religion. He is God and He is the way for man to have fellowship with God.
    When we come to Jesus, we are full of the original sin nature and the sins that we have committed. He cleanses us when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior and repent of those sins.
    Our redemption and salvation results from Jesus’ willful and sacrificial death on the cross to take our place for our sin nature and our sins. He is the only atonement possible because He is without sin. Jesus does it for us because we are incapable of following any religion perfectly. He did follow the law perfectly.
    Coming to Jesus as our Lord and our Savior, not religion, is what God requires for us to become forgiven, sanctified, and have the personal relationship with God that He intended from the start. Jesus is the only way to God.

  5. there is a difference between religions (Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, etc) and denominations (Mormon, born again, church of Christ, etc)
    you cannot really generalise religions…but you can generalise denominations
    there have been quite a few suicide cults which are the ultimate in control…
    Many denominations are very controlling, but in a subtle way… they will guilt trip you into spending time and resources… and , of course, money

  6. The most corruptible thing is evil men deceiving the people to believe they have been led by God. Only to use religion for their own purposes and their own gain. This happens in no certain religion per say because there are many men that listen to the wrong Entity, whom ever they put in that spot. Satan has no religion preference, he will use anyone he can to deceive the multitudes and take them down with him. He knows that time is short and he has to work harder than ever. He has always tried to copy God in the things He has done, so therefore, he doesn’t care what or whom he can to accomplish his purpose- to try to destroy God’s family- the church.

  7. Religions are not corruptible or controlling, they are concepts. Human beings created religion. Humans, on the other hand, are very much corruptible and controlling. There is no system on earth that can prevent corruption, it is a decision that is made by the individual.

  8. In light of recent events I’d have to say the Catholic church. When the highest ranking man is in on the cover-up it just can’t get any worse. It has all the classic symptoms of an abusive relationship.
    1. Denial of the abusive act.
    2. Putting blame for the act on outside events. Instead of “I just drank too much.” it’s “we’re all sinners”.
    3. Putting blame on the victims. “Because we’re a fallen world God has to test our faith.”
    Honestly, the people we should be worried about are the Catholics themselves, since they’re the most directly affected by it. They didn’t ask for this abuse, but their the only ones who can stop it. Give your Catholic friends and family the courage to stand up to their abusers.

  9. there are differences of corruptions and control
    under black magic, which is forbidden, there are poisons which destroy peoples lives on a daily basis.
    in some circles of witchcraft, ANY THING that leads a person of belief astray, is more corruptible than anything in the catholice church, however in any church, the practice of priestcraft is more corruptible for the People who follow such false teachers.
    in Islam, if there is a teacher or a leader who is a double agent, in the circles of spy games, these are more corruptible to their followers than many religious doctrines. i have an audio file that alleges that some double agents from Russian infiltrated and Lead Islam followers into terrorism and indoctrination thereof.
    when it comes to protestants there have been many historical errors that lead people astray
    when it comes to catholics there are things withheld in history that lead people astray into believing false doctrines
    when it comes to mormons there is a Restoration of Christianity that combines everything that which was once taught but is no longer believed. however there are those that fail to KNOW the truth either way, left or right, correct or incorrect.
    when it comes to shamanism, THEY Fail because of sorceries, which destroy the mind.
    to be “born-again” applies to all religions, but its the SHIP of religion that goes the Wrong ways.
    JW’s have so many false doctrines and prophecies but are so thoroughly indoctrinated that they are not totally ignorant of the scriptures whoever they are.
    therefore the most corruption of all religions is false interpretation and false doctrine taught as truth.
    and i conclude that that NO religion is without corruption or false doctrine.
    the only perfect teacher among mortal man is a PROPHET and ONLY if the prophet teaches everything he speaks by the spoken words that come out of Jesus’ lips

  10. All false religions are corrupting and originate from Satan. I don’t think they need to be ranked. Any false religion leads to the same result. Only the Jehovah’s Witnesses worship Jehovah and purity and truth.
    It’s a lot like taking a driver’s exam test. Let’s say that ten people failed the exam, but they all failed by different percentages. Well, would that really matter? No. Because none of those ten people will get the reward/privilege of a driver’s license. It doesn’t matter that some did worse than the others. They all failed.
    Only the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a hope of passing the test.

  11. Define your terms.
    Most religions cannot corrupt you and control you without your consent and cooperation.
    Why limit this question to religions? There are a lot of groups that corrupt and control a lot more than religions! These include many gangs, schools, political parties/organizations, entertainment, financial schemes, jobs, and many others!
    At least most religions teach morals, which is more than can be said for these other groups I have listed.
    So, back to your question, which religion is the most corruptible and controlling?
    I would say it is one that is close to teaching and practicing the truth. If one is too far away from the truth, you will immediately recognize the flaws and dangers. If a church (or any other group), however, is close to the truth, you may join and not be concerned with their flaws and be slowly drawn into them before you realize what is happening.

  12. Due to the thousands who have died adhering to a false edict on Blood transfusions and the distraction of families and the covering up to child sexual abuse, I think Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of the most dangerous cults around.


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