• i believe that as families become more fragmented through divorce, lack of contact with extended families and with working mothers, many children are raised without a strong moral code. The occult then draws them because they do not have the moral fortitude to resist it.

  • The occult has always beeing around, but it’s just more visible than before.

    The occult is fun, easy, and interesting. But my guess is that people are attracted to it more fundamentally because of an innate spiritual need for something bigger than themselves, combined with a need for personal empowerment and/or escape, and combined with a lack of critical thinking.

    I think that there are more effective way of cultivating spirituality and of expressing it (though unfortunately, many religions aren’t communicating well). But I guess people today are willing to believe anything. And anything and everything is what you get!

  • I have not seen a great revival in the occult other than Sylvia Browne on Montel. I think it is the other way around. There is a lot of room for pretenders here. I think the public is tired of being duped. For example, the psychic network was taken to task and is now off the air. No more all night infomercials.

  • Theoretically, I think people are searching for spiritual fulfillment and they aren’t getting it in organized religions. Organized religions are fighting amongst each other, involved in politics and all manner of things these days. Plus they preach beliefs not in sync with our current lifestyle and there are so many hypocrites that say one thing and do another. I think people get turned off by that and seek a way to connect to a spiritual belief that feeds their need without conflict.

    Personally, I know that I turned away from organized religion after being betrayed yet again by yet another self-professed “Christian”.

  • It seems everybody is looking for a religion that already fits their own beliefs, or “truths,” rather than looking for an absolute truth, and making a firm commitment to it. It’s just easier to live your life pleasing yourself, rather than making a commitment to serve something other than yourself.

  • I believe as people become more aware of themselves as spiritual beings, they are becoming increasing tired of the stereotypical, rigid forms of religion, and are looking for something beyond
    fire-and-brimstone sermons.

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