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What do you think happens to you (consciousness wise) the instant you die?

I’m asking seriously, i wanna know what people think.
a) Do you appear in heaven or hell?
b) Do you hear nothing and see nothing?
c) Do you become a different creature, but you don’t realise it because your memory as a human being has been forgotten.
d) Do you appear in your grave and await judgement day.
e) I don’t know.
f) I like pie.
I choose choice “e”


  1. not sure cause you know I’m not a ghost but I would say you just go black like sleeping and your memory is erase or you go to heaven or hell of become a ghost.

  2. The instant you die your soul sees your body is deceased and then goes to the light. This is where you will finally see God and all the mysteries will be revealed to you.

  3. We just stop thinking and you’re not here anymore. If there really are ghosts, why is it that nobody can see one for real, not orbs or lies or whatever. I choose F haha~

  4. Good Question! NoBody knows for sure of course
    a) I think the worst hell is still better than earth.
    b) probably like going to sleep and not waking up
    c) Read some books about angels
    d) Only your body is in the grave, not your soul
    e) me too!

  5. Okay, this is what I believe. I believe we are energy. I believe that when we die we still exist, just in another form. There are so many things in this world that we can’t see. They are there, we just can’t see them with our eyes, can’t grab them with our hands, or hear them with our ears…
    Now, whether you believe in what religion teaches you, that’s something else. I was raised catholic, don’t follow the churches beliefs, or go to church, not in many, many years. I do believe in an afterlife. I do believe we go on. I’ve had tooooo many strange things happen to me for me not to believe in an existence after we die…
    When we die we’ll all find out….Won’t we….
    No ones gettin out alive, that’s for sure…
    See ya on the other side… SAFE JOURNEY TO ALL ! ! !


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