Home Discussion Forum What do you think consciousness spawned from?

What do you think consciousness spawned from?

I know nobody knows for sure, but any ideas or popular theories out there?


  1. I would guess that the most popular hypothesis is god.
    Second would be evolution but it doesn’t clearly explain why we are self aware and capable of true intelligent thought.

  2. I believe a very important step was the identification of the idea of an individual.
    Or self awareness.
    Other animals can do this sure but I a have not encountered evidence to suggest that these other animals have gone so far as to inquire just what it is about them that makes them an individual.
    A chimp for instances can see itself in a mirror and recognize that its actions correspond with those in the reflected image and it is even able to form a memory based consistency of the idea of self image. That is to say that you can mark the chimp with face paint and show the chimp its own image again and it will noticed that something has changed.
    But unlike humans I do not think you can demonstrate conclusively that the chimp would wonder if it would still have the same idea of self if it did not inhabit the body that it does, indeed most humans do not tend to think of such things, but once presented the idea is easily grasped by most humans but I honestly the same can be said to be true of other animals.
    They simply do not seem to construct abstract ideas or grasp them as easily as the human animal does.
    So consciousness as humans tend to think indicates an abstract aspect to the idea of self where as with other animals the ideas tend to not go that far in depth.
    Though yaoi answer tends to be discriptive it offers no thoughts about possible normative discicntions which would not serve to fully answer the question for me personaly.
    It would seem that consciousness in this regard displays qualities that could be said to be more than simply the some of its parts (by parts I mean reality based objects).

  3. Consciousness research is a very young science (about 20 years old at most) and there are a bunch of theories about what it is, how it works, and where, why, and how it originated.
    Check out consciousness.arizona.edu for a good starting point (I’m biased because I live in Tucson and I know a few of the guys over there ☺)
    But there are a lot of good websites on the subject. And it’s a fascinating area of research that I’ve been ‘peripherally’ involved with for the last ten years or so.

  4. We are all a fragment of god, therefore it spawned from him, so I was told. Until and unless I know any different (and for that I would have to die first) I will stick to that. I have nothing against those who don’t, and I expect the same consideration for my views. The world would be so much happier, don’t you think if we did that, specially since none of us (scientist or religious preachers, BOTH) have ANY FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS.

  5. First there is sentience. A blade of grass is sentient. It can follow the path of the sun across the sky.
    More complex life forms under the heading of “animalia” may need more than sentience. Not an amoeba, probably; but a bug, for example. That is why they have eyes, and methods of hearing, etc. They all tie in to something more than simple sentience. But anthropologist and humanist Loren Eiseley http://www.eiseley.org/ wrote that even the higher animals with consciousness are stuck in “the eternal present” because they do not have “consciousness OF consciousness,” which only humans have.
    Consciousness is simply the upgraded version of sentience, sentience being 1.0; an amoeba might be v.1.01; a bug might be v. 2.0; a fish might be 3.0; a bear, deer, racoon, 3.5; elephants, whales, dolphins 4.0; and man–well, his subconsciousness is 5.0, but he has something more. He has consciousness of his 5.0. A dog has no consciousness of his 3.5 , which is why Eiseley said he was stuck in the “eternal present.”
    Our species’ name is Homo sapiens sapiens. The double “sapiens” means specifically consciousness of consciousness.
    BTW, the answerer who said everything else is spawned from consciousness is wrong. That argument is called the “primacy of consciousness.” It makes consciousness the creator of all that is.
    But consciousness was created from what already was. “What already was” were the objects of existence which became the objects of our consciousness. That argument is called the “primacy of existence.” There can be no consciousness of anything if nothing exists; therefore, existence existed first.

  6. i think we would be like most animals and plants without it…just go with the flow……..but no, we have an ego an id so we can “see ourselves” and be aware….from there come all sorts of self-serving problems…we missuse our will of choice..judge ourselves and each other……THE KNOWING..the first really big sin..the “off the mark”

  7. Conscious; is a term that states pretty much, being awake to the world. When we are conscious, we have senses to help us acknowledge the world around us.
    Basic behaviors, survival skills (not including instinctual) are taught & learned likewise, which are meant to initially help us understand and function in our known environment. Initially, anything that can influence, will influence our cognition, ranging from impairments to beliefs.
    These (to me), play basic rolls in shaping our ‘consciousness’, for most, can be reflected by intentions.
    Though the topic goes much deeper, because it raises popular questions such as — if the above plays a role in consciousness, do we have the ability to build a conscious? (artificial intelligence).
    When looking at consciousness, one has to try to view it from all angles, scientific, philosophically, spiritually etc etc.
    Some interesting reads;
    Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness:
    A Causal Correspondence Theory
    Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness
    There are many other theories of consciousness besides those described on the ‘people’ pages, some of them serious contenders, others less likely.

  8. Human consciousness was spawned from it’s creator(s). You see, the story in the Bible could simply be a symbolic story. The people who wrote it at the time, only wrote what they “thought” they saw… they didn’t know any better that what they were writing about was the “seeding” of our Earth by more advanced beings. There already was man on this planet, but they were what we call neanderthals, “cavemen”. There were actually quite a few species of man, even one that resembled a Hobbit! Unfortunately, the hobbitman and the others eventually became extinct at the hands of the Homo Sapien. The Homo Sapien was the lucky recipient of “consciousness”. When you read in the bible that man was “created”. It simply means that man was given “consciousness”. How else can you explain that the Bible states that man was created about 6000 years ago and we have found fossils dated back 10,000 years and older? It’s because you have to realize the way people thought back then! They spoke and described things completely differently than we do today! What God is, is an advanced species of life and these advanced beings goes around, spreading the gift of “intelligence” and “life” throughout the known universe. If you look at the ancient clay tablets of the oldest known civilization, they have pictures that they carved that look JUST LIKE space ships, and aliens. One is even holding what looks like a vial of dna and even a double helix symbol that looks just like DNA. Look up Sumarian Myth on You Tube and watch a lecture explaining it. God is what some people would call, an “alien”. Or “aliens”. Look in the Bible on the first Chapter, God refers to other beings around him, other “Gods”. When Adam bites from the apple, God starts saying something like, “He bit from the tree of knowledge, and he shall have knowledge like us Gods do, we don’t want him to also eat from the Tree of Life so he will live forever like us Gods do!” You can clearly see there that there is more than one God. So “God” just refers to our whole entire race of creators. Now this may come as a shock to alot of you , but this really does not change much. You can keep on praying. These beings are advanced to the point that they can hear your prayers and they can answer them without you knowing. People right now have a hard time imagining anything that is not right in front of their face. Look how technology has advanced over the past 50-100 years, and technology always increases EXPONENTIALLY. So there are SO many crazy things that are going to happen in technological advances that we can not even comprehend. Do you know that when they started the Human Genome Project that everybody was saying that it was going to take like 50 years to complete it? Well they did not take into account the fact that technology advances so QUICKLY! I believe the Human Genome Project was completed in a little over 5yrs. So imagine what technologies a civilization might have if they have been around a lot longer than we have. Dinosaurs were around for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of years, we have not even been around for a HALF a million… NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! So imagine that on another planet far far away, there are other intelligent beings that have been around for, oh say… a half a million or so years. (by the way, conditions have been right for life in the universe for well over 5 billion years, so this is certainly propable) So imagine what technology WE would have if we were here for only another 100 years. Even THAT would be crazy. Add on a few THOUSAND years, and it gets even crazier. Add on a million, and you have a civilization that is smart enough to “create life”. They watch us. But they do not try to show themselves to us because that would freak people out and it would cause Holy War (much worse than there is now). Imagine if some aliens landed here and told us that they are the ones who created us? So many people here did not have in mind this kind of “God”. So they would say “blasphemy”!! And the world would go into civil war. No, we are not quite ready yet for them to show themselves. Close, but not quite. What’s funny is that people normally think that science and religion are against eachother and really they are the same thing and people don’t realize it. Ooops! Jokes on the whole planet! LOL! And people are out there KILLING eachother right now over it. When people see UFO’s, its NOT really always an accident. They want to give mankind a few decades to get used to the idea that there is other life in the universe. And when the Earth is facing a disaster, I believe that these beings will come and save a limited number of us who are good people and they will let the wicked stay behind to face a meteor, or possibly a magnetic polar shift that will cause worldwide disaster, or maybe a Quasar will come out of nowhere and schorch the Earth, I don’t know. But all religions say that there is an END DAY. And since religion is connected to science, and all of this came from advanced cultures who KNEW that this horrible day would come, then these prophesies MUST be true. There will come a judgement day and these beings will save the ones who deserve it. There probably isn’t room enough for everyone… So anyway, that’s where consciousness came from. And as far as “where did the advanced beings’ consciousness come from?” Well duh, it came from God! haha! And yes, we WILL be able to create consciousness one day! There will also come a point in time called “the singularity” look up the book called “the singularity is coming” if you like things about the future and you want to excersise your mind and stretch out your imagination.

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